Tropical Astrology

Tropical astrology

Tropical Astrology is​ ​ the​ old astrological division of​ ​ the​ sky. When the​ Zodiac was invented, the​ position of​ ​ the​ constellations were written down. But since then, the​ whole Zodiac has shifted almost a​ ​ whole sign due to​ ​ the​ Precession, so whoever was once born a​ ​ Virgo, is​ ​ now probably born a​ ​ Leo - with the​ personality changes that come with it. Tropical Astrology ignores this, and​ keeps using the​ old tables - which have nothing to​ ​ do with where the​ planets actually are in​ ​ the​ sky.
Sidereal Astrology acknowledges the​ problem with the​ shifting signs, but digs itself deeper into the​ ludicrous: the​ more sidereal astrologers try to​ ​ follow the​ real division of​ ​ the​ sky, the​ more they are distancing themselves from the​ old wisdom. Sidereal astrologers cannot claim to​ ​ build on​ ancient knowledge, but have to​ ​ change the​ signs and​ characteristics over time. They are in​ ​ turn making the​ whole concept of​ ​ Astrology invalid. the​ real astronomical signs are a​ ​ few days off from the​ Sidereal system by now - so not even Sidereal Astrology is​ ​ using the​ correct star signs.
Sidereal astrology uses the​ actual constellation in​ ​ which the​ sun is​ ​ located at the​ moment of​ ​ birth as​ its basis; tropical astrology uses a​ ​ 30-degree sector of​ ​ the​ zodiac as​ its basis. Tropical astrology is​ ​ the​ most popular form and​ it ​ assigns its readings based on​ the​ time of​ ​ the​ year, while generally ignoring the​ positions of​ ​ the​ sun and​ constellations relative to​ ​ each other. Sidereal astrology is​ ​ used by a​ ​ minority of​ ​ astrologers and​ bases its readings on​ the​ constellations near the​ sun at the​ time of​ ​ birth.

According to​ ​ some astrologers, the​ data support the​ hypothesis that there is​ ​ a​ ​ connection between heavenly bodies and​ human events. There are correlations too synchronous to​ ​ be mere chance between astrological signs and​ such things as​ personality, emotions and​ human destiny.
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