Traffic Attraction By Submitting Articles Actually Works

Links are one of​ the​ key seo components and can generate good website traffic. Linking in​ general is​ one of​ the​ most double-edged tools since bad "links" might decrease your page-rank and good links will undeniably polish it​ and hopefully boost your hit-rate.

Unsure of​ what bad and good links are,​ many seem reluctant to​ submit articles in​ order to​ distribute links to​ their sites. Don't. Be reluctant that is. as​ always,​ all you need is​ to​ know the​ rules.

So,​ what are the​ worries?
Google penalizes multiple content
Bad links decimate your pagerank

The notion that Google penalizes multiple content is​ not based on​ fact. Even Google themselves point to​ the​ fact that what they penalize is​ multiple instances of​ identical content on​ the​ same site. No worries then.

They may however penalize sites that have identical content AND structures. Meaning if​ you have a​ domain that carries a​ content tree that is​ identical to​ any number of​ others,​ then you may feel the​ punishing touch.

That bad links decimate your page rank is​ fact. a​ bad link can be defined as​ one that has a​ lower page-rank than your own. Page-rank is​ affected by other factors too,​ but high page-rank links is​ one of​ the​ most important.

Still,​ the​ number of​ links is​ also important. - if​ you have few links,​ 5 of​ lower page-rank will downrate your own rank. - if​ you mass on​ reciprocal links (you get a​ link if​ they get a​ link on​ your site) you rank may be negatively affected since these have a​ taste of​ "link farms". a​ bad taste in​ a​ Google mouth. - if​ you have 4000 links to​ your site chances are they will be mixed quality,​ which is​ not bad. What will affect your page-rank and site status in​ this case is​ the

Total number of​ links
Title and text on​ links
Activity of​ links (traffic to​ your site)
No worries then. as​ long as​ you have thousands of​ links.

[NEVER pay cheap link submission services that offer to​ submit pure links to​ hundreds of​ sites. Those links are either trash or​ nonexistant. Money wasted.]

If you write a​ simple article of​ a​ single page about a​ subject that has attraction for sites that need content,​ you might be getting loads of​ traffic in​ no time. the​ formatting is​ important,​ so is​ the​ mode of​ including your links and what sites you submit to. Some sites are certainly better than others.

To generate a​ lot of​ traffic and get a​ lot of​ seological links you need to​ submit to​ a​ lot of​ sites (read many many many). What you need is​ a​ tool that does the​ job properly,​ quickly and has a​ massive amount of​ targeted sites it​ distributes your article too. There are quite a​ lot of​ submission programs and services out there. I would recommend you to​ steer away from the​ ones that offer too much,​ for too little. Simple organic logic :)

I personally use programs instead of​ submission sites since the​ latter give a​ limited amount of​ control and usually carry a​ higher accumulative cost.
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