Total Bike Rack Buying Guide

Unfortunately we can’t ride our bikes everywhere. Sometimes we have to​ transport our bikes from one place to​ another. in​ the​ old days, people would use hodge-podge methods to​ tie their bikes to​ vehicles for​ transport, but those days are long over! With the​ advent of​ back racks, it​ is​ now possible to​ transport your bikes safely and​ securely.

Bike racks come in​ many different styles and​ uses. They also come in​ various prices. You need to​ do a​ little investigation to​ see what fits your needs. You very well sped as​ much as​ 300 dollars on a​ high quality bike rack or​ pick up one really cheap at​ bazaars or​ garage sales. the​ one you pick will depend on your needs. Be sure to​ ask yourself the​ following questions.

1. What vehicle will be used?
You need to​ know where the​ bike rack will be going. This is​ important because you need to​ know how the​ rack will attach to​ your vehicle. Racks use different attachment methods. You will have to​ choose one that fits your vehicle.

2. How many bikes will you need to​ transport?
Do you transport two or​ more bikes? if​ so, you will want to​ buy attachments that will allow more than one bike rack.

3. Where do you want them to​ be racked?
Consider whether you want a​ roof, rear, or​ sport rack:

- Roof Racks These racks are attached at​ the​ top of​ a​ vehicle
- Rear Racks These racks attach to​ the​ rear of​ vehicle
- Sport Trailers These are used to​ carry many bicycles

4. What shape are your bikes?
You must into consideration the​ size and​ shape of​ your bikes. if​ you are transporting children’s bikes, for​ example, you will need racks that will take that size of​ bicycles.

5. Who will load the​ bicycles on the​ rack?
It has to​ be convenient for​ the​ loader. the​ easier the​ rack is​ to​ load unto the​ more expensive the​ rack.

6. How strong should your rack be?
If you are loading heavy bikes, you will need racks that can withstand the​ weight of​ the​ bike. They have to​ be made of​ sturdy material. But the​ sturdier the​ material, the​ pricier the​ rack.

7. Should it​ be lockable?
If you want added security for​ your bikes you will want to​ purchase racks that support locks and​ other security devices.

8. How often are you likely to​ use the​ rack?
You need to​ know how often you will use the​ rack so that you can purchase one that can withstand the​ rigors of​ travel. if​ you will not use it​ often, you will not have to​ purchase a​ heavy-duty, high price rack.

9. How much do you want to​ spend?
Ultimately, everything boils down to​ your budget. if​ you can’t afford it, even if​ you need it, it​ will have to​ wait. But don’t be afraid to​ save up if​ the​ cheaper alternatives do not match up to​ your needs. Try to​ find a​ rack that has only the​ features you need. if​ it​ has bells and​ whistles you don’t need, don't buy it​ right away. It's fine to​ take into consideration features and​ functionality that you might need in​ the​ future, for​ example.
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