Top Attractions To See In Torquay All Squeezed Into One Day

Arguably the​ most popular & visited of​ the​ three Torbay towns,​ that describe themselves as​ the​ “English Rivera”.

Torquay has some good beaches to​ enjoy and also offers the​ standard English seaside experience of​ tea rooms and sea-side amusement arcades.

A holiday in​ Torquay should include a​ visit to​ the​ jubilant harbour area,​ littered with nice restaurants,​ pubs and other convenience eateries. it​ can get quite lively at​ night time.

What to​ Do in​ Torquay:

Babbacombe Beach has a​ nice harbour and seaside area and is​ covered by steep hills which offer excellent views of​ the​ coast,​ both by night and day.

Babbacombe Model Village is​ a​ charming miniature village containing thousands of​ buildings. a​ great attraction for kids.

Kents Cavern is​ an​ ancient geological structure and there have been some highly significant prehistoric finds here (some as​ old as​ 700,​000 years old).

Living Coasts – a​ wonderful wildlife attraction where visitors can come and see penguins,​ seals,​ puffins,​ ducks and countless other marine life in​ a​ natural surrounding.

Torquay Museum – first opened in​ 1845,​ Torquay Museum is​ worth a​ visit to​ discover a​ wide range of​ facts about the​ town. There are exhibitions about everything from history and archaeology to​ pottery.

Compton Castle – About 5 miles west of​ Torquay lies Compton Castle which was built in​ stages from the​ 14th to​ 16th centuries. the​ castle itself is​ a​ notable attraction but the​ surrounding grounds are also very popular with tourists because of​ the​ feast of​ lush flowers,​ shrubs & trees that inhabit it.

Paignton – About a​ 15 minute drive from Torquay is​ the​ coastal town of​ Paignton. if​ you’re in​ Torquay,​ it’s certainly worth visiting Paignton too. Though many argue that it’s a​ low-class version of​ Torquay,​ there are some nice attractions including a​ fair seaside resort,​ zoo,​ and the​ impressive Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway. a​ mere five miles from Paignton is​ the​ wonderful little town of​ Brixham – it’s a​ highly popular place with tourists and it’s not difficult to​ see why - narrow,​ steep streets brimming with character and a​ cosy harbour just two of​ the​ things that visitors flock to​ see every year.
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