Top Attractions In Paris

Paris,​ France is​ the​ home of​ European refinement and love. Fashion,​ historical culture,​ and overindulgence seem to​ be around every turn. While there are lots of​ things to​ do in​ Paris,​ there are five attractions everyone must see at​ least once when they visit Paris.

Built in​ 1889,​ the​ Eiffel Tower is​ the​ icon of​ Paris. it​ was erected as​ tribute to​ the​ end of​ the​ French Revolution,​ but today it​ is​ one of​ the​ most well-known and most recognizable buildings in​ the​ world. the​ magic of​ the​ Eiffel Tower can truly be felt when you venture to​ the​ top to​ get a​ spectacular view of​ Paris. Going to​ the​ top of​ the​ Tower right before sunset provides the​ best views. Please don’t try to​ take the​ stairs. You can reach the​ first two levels of​ the​ observation decks by foot,​ but why settle for that when you can ride the​ elevator to​ the​ very top. Somehow the​ sweat and gasps for breath as​ you hike up the​ flights of​ stairs steals from the​ romantic mood of​ the​ Eiffel Tower but there are the​ odd fitness gurus who attempt the​ walk or​ even run up. After it​ gets dark,​ you can see the​ lights on​ the​ Tower twinkle in​ the​ twilight. Lights go off at​ 2 am,​ so be sure to​ catch a​ glimpse before then.

The Louvre is​ a​ top attraction in​ Paris and one of​ the​ most famous art museums in​ the​ world. Don’t make the​ mistake of​ thinking you can see it​ in​ a​ day. it​ will likely take you three days to​ peruse the​ famous art work,​ and take in​ the​ majesty of​ the​ Louvre. the​ Louvre is​ home to​ famous art like the​ Venus de Milo and the​ Mona Lisa. Be sure not to​ miss a​ trip to​ the​ Louvre on​ your next visit to​ Paris.

The Champs Elysees is​ a​ famous stretch of​ road that goes through the​ center of​ Paris. it​ starts at​ the​ Arc de Triomphe and goes outward to​ the​ Place de la Concorde and is​ lined with shops,​ cafes,​ and 5 star hotels. Bring comfortable shoes since you’ll want to​ walk down this avenue to​ get the​ full experience. Christmas and New Years are favorite times to​ visit the​ Champs Elysees for the​ lights and hustle and bustle of​ the​ holidays.

The Seine river winds through the​ center of​ Paris. Taking one of​ the​ available river cruises is​ a​ popular way to​ see the​ many sights of​ Paris. Take a​ cruise at​ night to​ see the​ lights of​ Paris – it’s a​ whole different cruise to​ see the​ city at​ night.
It’s also fun to​ walk along the​ banks of​ the​ Seine river. Among all the​ popular buildings,​ art,​ and monuments,​ you’ll find small stands where people sell tourist items and Paris memorabilia.

Take a​ short train ride to​ Versailles to​ visit the​ Chateau of​ Versailles,​ one of​ the​ largest castles in​ the​ world and home to​ the​ King. the​ Chateau de Versailles has more than 700 rooms,​ 1250 fireplaces,​ 2000 windows,​ 67 staircases,​ and over 1,​800 acres of​ gardens. it​ is​ a​ magnificent home which has now been transformed into a​ museum. You can take a​ tour of​ the​ castle or​ walk the​ grounds yourself. There are also restaurants and outdoor restrooms available for tourists.

When vacationing in​ Paris,​ stay at​ Le Meridien Etoile set on​ the​ Seine River,​ a​ stones throw from the​ Champs Elysees,​ the​ Arc de Triomphe,​ and the​ Louvre. This hotel features elegant rooms,​ fantastic room service,​ and the​ best location in​ Paris. These five attractions are only a​ small sampling of​ the​ variety of​ fun,​ interesting,​ and culturally educating things to​ do while in​ Paris.
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