Top Attractions In London

When people think of​ London they think of​ the​ Royal family,​ the​ Parliamentary government,​ and years old tradition. if​ you plan on​ visiting London,​ be sure to​ stop by these must-see attractions for their history,​ their beauty,​ and their regal stature.

The Tower of​ London is​ almost a​ thousand years old and is​ home to​ the​ crown jewels. Make sure to​ plan ahead and get tickets to​ the​ Ceremony of​ the​ Keys,​ a​ 700 year long tradition of​ locking up the​ Tower at​ night. Tickets are free but you’ll need to​ get them 6-8 weeks in​ advance. Because the​ Tower of​ London is​ a​ hot tourist spot,​ lines are hours long. to​ avoid the​ long lines,​ buy tickets at​ any Tower Hill tube station. With your tickets in​ hand you can bypass the​ line and walk right in.

Buckingham Palace is​ probably London’s most famous building,​ and still a​ working Palace and home to​ the​ Queen. if​ you go in​ the​ summer months when the​ Queen is​ in​ Scotland you can get a​ tour of​ the​ staterooms. Buckingham Palace is​ also where the​ famous “Changing of​ the​ Guards” takes place. You can see this every day at​ 11:30am.

The Palace of​ Westminster and what is​ now the​ Houses of​ Parliament features the​ famous clock tower Big Ben,​ which chimes every 15 minutes. if​ you think of​ any postcard from London,​ you’ll recognize the​ Palace of​ Westminster and Big Ben. it​ contains the​ House of​ Commons and the​ House of​ Lords. While there you can see the​ Parliament in​ action by making an​ appointment ahead of​ time. the​ building itself is​ a​ masterpiece in​ its own right. Big Ben and the​ House of​ Parliament is​ one of​ the​ top attractions in​ London.

Westminster Abbey is​ a​ cathedral used by the​ Royals for funerals,​ coronations,​ and weddings. it​ is​ considered to​ be the​ nation’s cathedral. Its architecture is​ breathtaking and its history is​ astounding. Poet’s Corner pays tribute to​ Shakespeare,​ Chaucer,​ Dickens,​ T.S. Eliot,​ and several others,​ some of​ which are buried there. Also here,​ is​ the​ tomb of​ the​ Unknown Soldier. Famous Royals like Queen Elizabeth I is​ entombed here as​ well as​ Edward the​ Confessor.

Once atop the​ Tower Bridge,​ the​ views are outstanding. This is​ the​ most famous bridge that spans the​ Thames River. When you buy a​ ticket you can go into the​ engine room that is​ responsible for lifting the​ bridge. You can also see video and interactive displays inside the​ bridge. This is​ a​ must-see for London tourists.

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A trip to​ London just wouldn’t be complete with visiting the​ Tower of​ London,​ Buckingham Palace,​ the​ Houses of​ Parliament,​ the​ Tower Bridge,​ and Westminster Abbey. Make sure you add these destinations to​ your itinerary. You won’t be disappointed!
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