Top Attractions In Las Vegas

Top Attractions in​ Las Vegas
There are many fabulous things to​ do besides gambling in​ Las Vegas .​
Whether it​ be a​ show or​ shopping,​ you can always find something to​ do if​ you look for it .​

The hotels are the​ best attractions in​ Las Vegas .​
Hotel hopping can take the​ better part of​ a​ week to​ see them all .​
That is​ just a​ simple walk through from one side to​ the​ other .​
Plan on​ at​ least a​ day in​ your favorite ones just to​ see all the​ sites .​
But be forewarned,​ some that look small on​ the​ outside are huge when you get in​ the​ door .​

Shark Reef at​ Mandelay Bay Hotel will take about one to​ hours to​ visit .​
Here you will see all kinds of​ sea life and reptiles .​
They have everything from crocodiles,​ pirahna,​ jellyfish,​ sharks and even some baby rays you can touch .​
They also have an​ underwater tunnel you can walk through to​ see the​ sharks and other fish swimming above you.
Star Trek: the​ Experience and Borg Invasion 4-D is​ definitely worth a​ visit if​ you are a​ hard core Trekker .​
You may even run into some Klingons,​ Borg,​ or​ an​ Andorian .​
They have a​ behind the​ scenes tour where you can see a​ bridge used in​ the​ television series the​ Next Generation .​
They also have you beam from a​ cargo bay onto the​ bridge .​
the​ tour also includes viewing of​ some of​ the​ paraphernalia,​ props and clothes used in​ the​ series.
The Stratosphere Thrill Rides are not for the​ faint of​ heart .​
They are located up on​ the​ 109th floor of​ the​ hotel .​
They have the​ High Roller,​ a​ roller coaster,​ the​ Big Shot,​ a​ free fall ride,​ and the​ X-Scream,​ which is​ a​ dangling teeter totter that suspends you off the​ side of​ the​ building.
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