Top 5 Attractions In Delhi

Located on​ the​ sprawling banks of​ the​ river Yamuna,​ Delhi,​ the​ capital of​ India,​ represents an​ intriguing blend of​ a​ myriad of​ ancient and the​ modern civilizations,​ reflected not only in​ its diverse cultural heritage and historical monuments but also in​ the​ present social structure and lifestyles. the​ city chronicles the​ history of​ the​ various civilizations and dynasties that flourished here for over 3000 years. Their legacy survives in​ the​ many ancient monuments left behind by their rulers,​ each a​ chronicle of​ the​ glory of​ its times and a​ reflection of​ the​ prevailing cultures. the​ remains of​ seven distinctive capital cities can be seen here.

Here is​ a​ pick of​ the​ top five tourist attractions in​ Delhi:

Qutub Minar

A mammoth minaret (238 feet tall) built from the​ remains of​ 27 Hindu and Jain temples during the​ years 1193–1369,​ commemorating the​ victory of​ Qutab-ud-din over the​ city's last Hindu kingdom,​ Qutub Minar is​ one of​ Delhi’s oldest monuments. Decorated with calligraphy representing verses from the​ Koran,​ it​ tapers from a​ 50-feet diameter at​ the​ base to​ just 8 feet at​ the​ top. the​ first three floors are built with red sandstone,​ and the​ upper two with white marble.

In the​ same complex stands a​ mysterious Iron Pillar,​ bearing fourth-century Sanskrit inscriptions from the​ period of​ King Chandragupta II,​ that has intrigued scientists to​ no end because it​ has withstood centuries of​ climatic upheavals and remained rust-free till today. a​ popular legend says that if​ you can encircle it​ with your arms while standing with your back touching it,​ any wish will be fulfilled.

Red Fort

Popularly known as​ Lal Quila and built by Shah Jahan during the​ years1618–1647,​ Red Fort,​ with its massive sandstone walls and exquisite architecture,​ is​ the​ ultimate reminder of​ the​ sheer wealth,​ splendor and power of​ the​ Mughal Empire. There are many must-see places within the​ fort,​ resplendent with intricate decoration,​ with separate rooms and balconies for the​ womenfolk,​ swimming pools,​ and natural air conditioning. it​ also houses an​ Archaeological Museum.

Jantar Mantar

Built in​ 1724 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II,​ this esoteric,​ awe-inspiring salmon-colored stone-and-brick structure is​ an​ observatory used by the​ king for measuring time and calculating the​ positions of​ the​ stars and planets,​ and for prediction of​ eclipses. it​ houses multiple buildings with unique architectural combinations of​ geometrical forms,​ each meant for a​ specialized purpose of​ astronomical measurement.

Purana Qila (Old Fort)

Believed to​ have been built on​ the​ ruins of​ the​ ancient original city of​ Delhi (Indraprastha,​ founded in​ 3rd or​ 4th century B.C.),​ by the​ Afghan ruler Sher Shah during the​ years 1538–1545,​ the​ Old Fort with its massive walls and three imposing gateways gives a​ fair idea of​ its lost grandeur. it​ houses a​ small octagonal red sandstone tower,​ used by King Humayun as​ a​ library,​ the​ Qila-i-Kuhran Mosque,​ and a​ small archaeological museum.

India Gate

Built in​ sandstone,​ India Gate is​ a​ war memorial to​ commemorate the​ sacrifice of​ Indian soldiers during World War I. the​ sheer grandeur of​ the​ architecture of​ the​ neighboring Parliament House and Rashtrapati Bhawan must not be missed,​ either.

So,​ start planning your trip!
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