Top 3 Attractions On Your Dubai Holiday

Dubai is​ a​ city built for tourism all around the​ year with excellent hotels,​ resorts,​ shopping and places to​ visit. in​ this article you'll read a​ little about the​ top three attractions that you can visit on​ your Dubai holiday.

Dubai Creek

At the​ Dubai Creek visitors can take a​ small water taxi,​ called abra,​ allowing them to​ see the​ old trading port and the​ dhows from the​ water. the​ Creek is​ a​ natural sea water inlet,​ and it​ cuts through the​ center of​ the​ city,​ this is​ a​ historical part of​ the​ city. By taking a​ cruise to​ Al-Maktoum you will pass many landmarks,​ both historic and modern. a​ leisure walk round the​ walk will impress with a​ pitoresque glimpse at​ Dubai's trading history.


Curious about the​ way people were keeping their houses cool in​ the​ days before electricity and air conditioning? Then Bastakiya is​ the​ place to​ visit,​ this district is​ a​ step back in​ time with it's houses cooled by wind towers. Dubai was famous for these wind towers that were aligned on​ both sides of​ the​ creek. Even today,​ the​ narrow lanes are showing the​ distinctive Arabian architecture that is​ a​ popular tourist attraction marked for development.


These are the​ traditional markets of​ Dubai and they are very popular for bargain hunters but sightseers and photographers enjoy them too. the​ gold souk is​ the​ most famous of​ them,​ here the​ streets are full of​ shops were anything golden can be found at​ low prices even,​ rings,​ bars,​ and elaborate necklaces. the​ traditional spice souk has tiny lanes scented with sacks of​ cinnamon,​ incense,​ spices,​ and dried fruits. Also the​ modern fish souk bustles with activity but smells in​ this area are of​ a​ more unpleasant nature. On the​ other streets you can find everything from carpets to​ traditional pieces or​ loaves of​ bread.

These three are not the​ only attractive objectives in​ Dubai,​ many others are available like the​ Grand Mosque,​ the​ Wild Wadi and many others that can make you holiday in​ Dubai a​ very interesting one.
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