Tips For Revamping Favorite Recipes

Tips for​ Revamping Favorite Recipes
Everyone has their favorite dishes, ones that mom or​ grandma used to​ make or​ new ones
that you​ have discovered on​ your own. Once you​ have been diagnosed with diabetes,
you may feel that you​ can never enjoy these dishes again or​ not without harming your
health. But there are ways that you​ can change old family favorites keeping the​ flavor
but reducing or​ eliminating the​ amount of​ sugar or​ carbohydrates they contain.
For most substitutions that you​ are going to​ make to​ your recipes, you​ are looking for​
ways to​ reduce the​ fat content. Here are some standards that you​ can use. When your
recipe calls for
* Whole milk try substituting with 2% or​ 1% instead
* Whole eggs try substituting with an egg substitute or​ use 2 egg whites for​ every
whole egg called for​ in​ the​ recipe
* Sour cream use low fat sour cream or​ plan yogurt
* Baking chocolate try using cocoa powder mixed with vegetable oil 3 tablespoons
with 1 tablespoon of​ oil will equal 1 ounce of​ chocolate
In addition to​ the​ above suggestions, always use light or​ lower fat versions of​ ingredients.
Sometimes trial and​ error is​ necessary to​ get the​ recipe just right, but do keep trying the​
end result will be worth it​ when you​ create a​ cake or​ other dessert that you​ love and​ is​
diabetic friendly.
Alternately, you​ can purchase a​ diabetic cook book that is​ full of​ desserts to​ make that
will work with your diet. This way you​ can create new favorites for​ you​ and​ your family
to fall in​ love with. Don’t feel that just because you​ are a​ diabetic you​ cannot enjoy
variety in​ your foods. Keep trying new things while keeping a​ close eye on​ your blood
sugar levels to​ add new foods to​ your growing repertoire.
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