Thumpstar Pit Bikes Why I Love My Thumpstar Pit Bike

When my son turned 5 I got him a​ minibike. I have always had a​ passion for​ motorcycles, so naturally he wanted one too. it​ was really fun to​ watch him learn and​ teach him how to​ ride. the​ greatest thing about his new bike was the​ fun I had when I started riding it​ around. This thing was really fun to​ ride. After stepping off of​ my CR250 it​ was great to​ clown around with this little motorcycle. Well when he was around 8 he outgrew his little 50cc dirtbike and​ he wanted something bigger. He kept telling me he wanted a​ Thumpstar pit bike. Well I had to​ buy two of​ them because I had so much fun riding his motorcycle and​ he “wanted it​ back”. Let me tell you why I love the​ Thumpstar pit bike.

Pit bikes have become more and​ more popular over the​ last few years. the​ main reason why is​ because they are so fun to​ ride. After all, now that I’m in​ my thirties I don’t like trying huge 60 foot triple jumps anymore. When I was younger it​ didn’t hurt so much when I crashed, but now I’m afraid I’ll break a​ hip or​ something. When I ride my Thumpstar pit bike I don’t need to​ worry about this. I can shred as​ hard as​ I want on this thing without the​ fear of​ a​ trip to​ the​ hospital. When I fall off at​ speed I’m going at​ a​ slower speed and​ not jumping as​ high as​ when riding my full size CR250. the​ Thumpstar pit bike is​ also much lighter and​ easier to​ flick around the​ corners making me feel like a​ pro AMA racer.

My Thumpstar pit bike is​ really fast for​ how small it​ looks and​ it​ handles like a​ dream. in​ the​ spec sheet for​ the​ motorcycle the​ top speed is​ 55 miles per hour. Not bad for​ such a​ small 125cc motorcycle. it​ is​ quite a​ shaky ride down the​ trails on the​ 10’ tires, but that is​ half the​ fun. I also ride around the​ yard where I have a​ small double jump that is​ a​ blast to​ jump on this bike. the​ Thumpstar pit bike is​ so light I can do x-ups and​ no footers no problem off my little jump and​ it​ is​ a​ blast. My friends have all bought pit bikes as​ well and​ we have a​ blast going riding together. My son also enjoys coming with us now. the​ small size of​ these bikes has proven to​ be a​ great equalizer, as​ now my son is​ out jumping me and​ most of​ my friends at​ times.

I used to​ think Chinese made motorcycles were all junk. I had a​ hard time buying a​ Thumpstar pit bike for​ my son because I was so worried about reliability. When I started looking at​ prices though, I realized that if​ I bought a​ Honda it​ would cost me more money without half of​ the​ bells and​ whistles that this motorcycle had. So I took a​ shot and​ bought one for​ him. Well I was quite impressed with the​ durability of​ this bike. Both of​ these bikes have taken a​ lot of​ abuse and​ nothing has broken in​ 8 months. I have had to​ replace a​ brake lever on my son’s and​ a​ clutch lever on mine. Some bolts have rattled loose, but overall the​ quality and​ durability have been outstanding. it​ is​ also easy to​ find replacement and​ aftermarket parts for​ these bikes which was another one of​ my worries.

I’m not ready to​ sell my full size CR250 yet, but lately I am spending less and​ less time on it. Weather you buy a​ Thumpstar pit bike or​ some other brand, you will love riding pit bikes. They are less dangerous and​ easier to​ ride than the​ larger dirtbikes. if​ you have children or​ just like to​ go riding with friends, try out a​ pit bike. You won’t believe how much fun you can have on these little motorcycles.
Thumpstar Pit Bikes Why I Love My Thumpstar Pit Bike Thumpstar Pit Bikes Why I Love My Thumpstar Pit Bike Reviewed by Henda Yesti on January 30, 2018 Rating: 5

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