Three Keys To Good Health

When we pray,​ as​ Jesus taught us,​ we are to​ come to​ God,​ “Our Father,​” as​ a​ little child. Through Jesus’ redemption on​ the​ cross,​ He bought us back from the​ paradise of​ intimacy with Him lost by Adam,​ restored our communication with God,​ and made us co-inheritors of​ the​ Kingdom of​ God! Therefore,​ we can access the​ Father in​ the​ Name of​ Jesus and ask “our” Daddy anything we want,​ and He will give it​ to​ us! (John 15) Our Daddy is​ full of​ promises for all of​ us to​ live an​ abundant,​ healthy life. He cares for you​ as​ He cares for me.

One thought that comes to​ mind: if​ He loves you​ so much that He sent His Son to​ die for you,​ then how much should we love one another? He is​ Love! He wants you​ to​ walk and talk with Him as​ you​ would with your best friend. He is​ a​ jealous God. He loves it​ when you​ come to​ Him with all your problems and issues. After all,​ He is​ the​ only one who can!

Three Promises to​ take to​ heart are:

“...attend to​ my words; incline your ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from your eyes; keep them in​ the​ midst of​ your heart. ..They are life unto those that find them,​ and health to​ all their flesh.” Proverbs 4: 18-22),​

“faith comes by hearing and hearing by the​ Word of​ God.” (Romans 10:17),​ and

“ prosper and be in​ health,​ even as​ your soul prospers.” (3 John 2).

Read,​ Listen,​ and Do

Health does not just come by wishing or​ hoping for it. the​ Bible is​ truth. Isn’t it​ wonderful to​ know we have someone we can rely on! the​ First Commandment tells us to​ “love the​ Lord your God with all your heart,​ with all your soul and with all your might! I still vividly recall the​ day I first learned that in​ Grade 6. I remember thinking how impossible it​ would be to​ love someone you​ do not know and cannot see! But He “read’ those thoughts I had so long ago and quietly,​ gradually brought me to​ the​ point where I not only found Him and learned about Him,​ but came to​ know and love Him intimately. And,​ that was by first inviting Jesus Christ to​ be Lord over my life. He teaches that when you​ know Him,​ you​ also know the​ Father (Mat. 14:7,​9).

It is​ important to​ read the​ Bible,​ meditate on​ it,​ and honor God by doing what it​ tells you​ to​ do. This is​ not an​ overnight quick-fix. Learning the​ Word,​ listening to​ anointed teachings,​ and asking the​ Holy Spirit to​ guide and instruct you​ in​ all things is​ the​ way to​ come to​ know and love God. When the​ words are allowed to​ sink deeply into your heart daily then,​ according to​ Proverbs 4:23: “the issues of​ life” will literally flow out of​ you. in​ other words,​ the​ Word will become such an​ integral part of​ you​ that when you​ are confronted with disaster of​ any kind,​ the​ Holy Spirit will bring to​ your memory Healing Scriptures to​ speak into that situation. Verses pertaining to​ peace,​ healing,​ or​ whatever that situation requires will burst out of​ you​ and healing will follow – according to​ your faith.

The wonderful thing about faith is​ that it​ grows! One day you​ may have a​ sore throat and see it​ healed miraculously before your eyes! Guess what. the​ next time you​ have a​ bigger problem,​ or​ someone asks you​ to​ pray for their sore throat,​ you​ will find your faith is​ there to​ meet the​ challenge!
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