Theres A Bike For Every Rider In Spain

Touring bicycles come in​ three varieties - the​ road, the​ recumbent, and​ the​ tandem. in​ this article we help you decided which one is​ right for​ you.

The perfect economical vacation - touring by bicycle

There are bicycles on the​ market for​ every possible type of​ cycling. Depending on your needs, you can find an​ excellent bicycle in​ your price range for​ any type of​ activity.

The touring bicycle is​ designed for​ cyclists who want to​ ride from Point a​ to​ Point B on bicycle, and​ bring camping gear, changes of​ clothes and​ food along with them. These bicycles have racks, otherwise known as​ panniers, mounted on the​ front and​ rear of​ the​ frame for​ carrying this extra gear. the​ bikes are designed with a​ large wheelbase, mounting points for​ mudguards, and​ triple water bottle mounts so there's no danger of​ the​ rider going thirsty!

Touring bicycles come in​ three styles: the​ road, recumbent and​ tandem bikes. as​ with any bike, each of​ these styles has its own advantages and​ disadvantages. Know your needs and​ investigate each style, offered by several different companies, to​ get the​ best one for​ your needs.

When choosing a​ road touring bike, you want one that is​ as​ sturdy as​ possible, but also as​ light as​ possible. a​ longer wheelbase is​ necessary, because it​ will give you a​ stable and​ comfortable ride, and​ of​ course that essential room for​ panniers. You must use the​ type of​ tires which are suitable for​ unpaved roads, but will not be as​ slow on pavement as​ fat tires, and​ mounting points for​ fender and​ the​ racks. Don't scorn those fenders, they keep rocks from flying up at​ you, as​ well as​ sprays of​ water.

Recumbent Bicycles

If you're a​ fan of​ recumbent cycling, then you'll probably want to​ read Recumbent Cycling News, to​ keep up on what's going on in​ the​ recumbent world. Recumbent bikes certainly do look odd, but once people try one they seldom look back.

Recumbents are considered the​ most comfortable bikes on the​ road today. They can be faster than you might think, thanks to​ their aerodynamic design. of​ course, because of​ their design, the​ recumbent rides differently then you're used to. it​ steers differently, you have to​ handle starting and​ stopping differently, and​ climbing hills certainly requires a​ different method!

There are two different ways to​ steer a​ recumbent. There's Above seat steering (ASS), which have the​ handlebars above the​ seat, usually at​ about chest height. When the​ handlebars are above the​ seat this gives the​ bike a​ more aerodynamic configuration because your arms are held in​ front of​ you.

Bikes with Under Seat Steering (USS) have the​ steering assembly under the​ seat of​ the​ rider. the​ handelbars extend out from under either side of​ the​ seat. Because your hands are held out at​ your sides this configuration is​ not as​ aerodynamic as​ the​ ASS. of​ course, if​ you're not interested in​ speed this is​ not really a​ consideration.

If you're going touring with your recumbent, you might want to​ consider a​ trike - a​ bike with three wheels rather than two. This gives you more room for​ packing gear, and​ trikes can have up to​ 72 gears which really makes it​ easy to​ pedal!

Tandem Bicycles

Tandem bicycles are slowly growing in​ popularity. When riding a​ tandem the​ weight is​ doubled but the​ work is​ cut in​ half. However, the​ fact that there's half the​ luggage space also has to​ be taken into account.

As with mountain biking, the​ tandem riders also have a​ language of​ their own. the​ bare minimum you need to​ know is​ that the​ rider in​ front is​ called the​ captain or​ the​ pilot and​ the​ rider in​ the​ rear is​ known as​ the​ stoker.

Tandems are excellent for​ those people with physical disabilities who still want to​ get out and​ ride. Riders who are seeing-impaired, for​ example, will be able to​ enjoy the​ great outdoors as​ the​ stoker while the​ sighted rider steers ahead. But that's not the​ only reason to​ ride a​ tandem, of​ course. Many couples enjoy it, and​ with communication headsets it's easy to​ talk to​ each other while you ride.

Don't buy a​ tandem and​ then set out to​ tour immediately. Obviously you'll want to​ try out several different tandems before you even buy one. Then you'll want to​ practice for​ a​ few months before you take the​ plunge and​ go on your first touring ride.

After'll be hooked.

So get biking - and​ get touring.
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