The Top Ten Orlando Holiday Attractions

Orlando is​ world-famous for its huge theme parks and water parks,​ but they can get very crowded,​ so it’s best to​ get there before 8.30am,​ or​ go after 4.00pm in​ the​ afternoon. You’ll still have plenty of​ time if​ you go late afternoon,​ since most are open until 10pm or​ later,​ depending on​ the​ season. Be sure to​ plan your day at​ the​ park ahead of​ time,​ and take plenty of​ water and sunscreen.

Sea World
At this popular theme park you can feed dolphins,​ seals and sea lions; visit a​ man-made ‘Arctic’ ocean,​ with seals,​ polar bears,​ beluga whales and walruses,​ and take a​ moving walkway through a​ naturalistic snowy Antarctic habitat,​ with more than 200 penguins. You can also get close to​ sharks,​ eels,​ and barracuda; and visit new dolphin mothers and their calves in​ the​ popular Dolphin Nursery.

Wet ‘N’ Wild
Wet ‘N’ Wild’s new water ride,​ ‘Brain Wash’,​ has a​ 53-foot vertical drop into a​ 65-foot domed funnel,​ where you are bombarded with light,​ sound and video,​ as​ you swirl around the​ funnel before you finally make your escape. And an​ exciting new raft adventure joins the​ popular Surge,​ Bubba Tub,​ Black Hole and the​ Blast. Children love the​ Kid’s Park,​ featuring smaller versions of​ the​ adult rides.

Discovery Cove
Here the​ focus is​ on​ interacting with dolphins,​ birds,​ and marine life,​ and the​ big attraction is​ a​ swim with a​ bottlenose dolphin. You will have to​ make a​ reservation to​ visit this popular park,​ since attendance is​ limited to​ 1,​000 guests per day. Go for a​ snorkel among thousands of​ rays and tropical fish,​ then visit the​ huge,​ free-flight aviaries,​ where you can feed and touch hundreds of​ tropical birds.

Islands of​ Adventure – Universal Studios
Innovative rides and attractions are scattered throughout this Universal theme park: Marvel Super Hero Island where Super Heroes battle diabolical Super Villains; Suess Landing with its Dr Suess characters; Lost Continent,​ a​ land of​ heart-stopping adventure; Jurassic Park where dinosaurs co-exist with humans; and Toon Lagoon where everyone gets soaked on​ wild water rides.

Magic Kingdom – Disney World
There are seven ‘lands’ here,​ surrounding the​ Cinderella Castle,​ where you and the​ kids can visit imaginary lands of​ adventure – take ride on​ a​ magic carpet,​ plunge down waterfalls,​ hurtle through space – or​ visit the​ all-time classics ‘It’s a​ Small World’,​ ‘The Haunted Mansion’,​ and the​ ‘Pirates of​ the​ Caribbean’.

Universal Studios
This huge entertainment park has over 40 computer animated rides,​ and the​ world’s largest movie studio outside of​ Hollywood. Don’t miss the​ popular Nickelodeon studios and the​ movie sets. at​ the​ CityWalk there’s lots of​ entertainment,​ top restaurants,​ nightclubs and shops,​ in​ fact something for everyone.

Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach
Both of​ these water parks have big water slides,​ a​ pool at​ the​ centre,​ a​ huge play area,​ and a​ ‘lazy’ river,​ where you can take a​ relaxing tube ride around the​ park. Typhoon Lagoon is​ the​ world’s largest wave pool,​ where waves can reach six feet tall and you can surf here after hours. at​ Shark Reef you can snorkel with sharks,​ rays and tropical fishes.

Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex
A visit to​ Florida wouldn’t be complete without taking a​ daytrip to​ NASA’s launch headquarters,​ just 45 minutes from Orlando. Here you can tour launch and landing facilities,​ take a​ close-up look at​ huge rockets,​ train in​ interactive simulators,​ and even meet an​ astronaut. Try to​ time your visit to​ coincide with a​ launch or​ landing.

Busch Gardens Africa
This theme park,​ about an​ hour from Orlando,​ has more than 2,​700 animals and is​ one of​ American’s largest zoos. There are also many exciting rides and attractions: SheiKra,​ the​ world’s highest vertical dive coaster; Gwazi,​ the​ southeast’s fastest double wooden roller coaster; Rhino Rally,​ Scorpion,​ and Edge of​ Africa.

Hot air balloon ride
The perfect ending to​ your exciting Orlando holiday would be an​ unforgettable early morning hot air balloon ride,​ with one of​ Orlando’s many ballooning companies. These fantastic tours usually finish with a​ delicious champagne breakfast and certificates and photos for all.
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