The Top 10 Greek Holiday Attractions

The stunning natural beauty of​ bright blue seas,​ ancient archaeological sites,​ charming island villages,​ and a​ hot,​ mainly dry climate,​ make Greece a​ fantastic holiday destination. Visitors to​ this Mediterranean idyll with its archipelago of​ over 1000 islands are faced with such a​ range of​ natural and man-made attractions that they have to​ prioritize their travel plans. While everyone has an​ idea of​ what they prefer,​ let’s have a​ go at​ defining what might be the​ top ten places to​ visit on​ a​ holiday to​ Greece.

The Acropolis and the​ Parthenon
The symbol of​ Athens,​ the​ iconic Parthenon sits atop the​ Acropolis,​ overlooking the​ city. the​ remains of​ the​ sacred temple to​ the​ Greek godess Athena,​ the​ Parthenon,​ with its simple Doric style,​ has been copied in​ public architecture worldwide. Accessed by the​ Athens Metro,​ it​ is​ always crowded,​ so try for a​ visit early mornings or​ late afternoons.

Considered over-developed by some,​ but remaining the​ most famous of​ Greek islands,​ Mykonos attracts international sophisticates and budget travelers alike for its stunning beaches (many clothing optional),​ its vibrant nightlife,​ classic shopping,​ and general holiday ambience.

The Minoan Palace of​ Knossos,​ Crete
Surrounded by the​ city of​ Iraklion and accessible by local bus,​ the​ ruins and reconstructed labyrinth of​ this Minoan palace are from the​ era when the​ Aegean King Minos ruled mainland Greeks. to​ get some of​ the​ feeling for the​ material culture of​ ancient times,​ be sure to​ visit the​ world-class Heraklion Archaelogical Museum in​ Iraklion.

Hotels clinging to​ clifftops,​ scenic winding roads,​ a​ volcanic legacy,​ great local wines and fine food puts Santorini on​ the​ list. Arrive at​ this stunning Greek island by sea and get the​ best views of​ the​ brown and black-banded cliffs topped by white lava. Be sure to​ visit the​ ruins of​ the​ once-buried city of​ Akrotiri.

This bustling,​ cosmopolitan destination,​ in​ the​ Ionian Sea off the​ coast of​ mainland Greece,​ has streets lined with Venetian-style buildings. if​ you wish to​ avoid the​ pricey high-rise accommodation in​ the​ north,​ head for classic pensions in​ the​ wilder south where the​ coastline meets the​ placid waters in​ near perfect union.

This Peloponnesian treasure,​ only a​ few hour’s drive from Athens,​ was inhabited since Neolithic times. it​ sits on​ a​ hilltop on​ the​ lower slopes of​ Euboea Mountain and is​ considered one of​ the​ foundation sites of​ European civilization. One of​ the​ earliest restorations was the​ impressive Lion Gate.

The National Archaeological Museum - Athens
The perfect starting place for an​ infusion of​ Greek culture and history,​ this world-class museum teems with artifacts and sculptures. Look for the​ tall,​ dramatic kouroi,​ archaic statues of​ young gods,​ and the​ stunning gold treasures from excavations of​ Mycenae's royal tombs.

The Island of​ Hydra
Visit this trendy Greek island via hydrofoil from Athens. Its charming harbor,​ beautiful churches,​ excellent shopping opportunities,​ and great tavernas provide a​ quintessential Greek experience.

Drogati and Melissnai Caves
One of​ the​ highlights of​ Kefalonia,​ Melissani is​ a​ subterranean seawater cave,​ which turns turquoise daily when the​ sun reaches a​ certain point. the​ spectacular Drogati Cave has impressive stalactites and boasts excellent acoustics.

Cape Sounion and the​ Temple of​ Poseidon
This popular cliff-top temple,​ set above the​ Aegean Sea,​ has superb sunset views. Although the​ Archeological Museum in​ Athens is​ home to​ the​ bronze statue that was once housed here,​ it​ is​ easy to​ see why the​ god of​ the​ sea might have been worshipped at​ this stunning national monument.
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