The Role Of Antioxidants In Good Health And Healthy Living

The Role of​ Antioxidants in​ Good Health and Healthy Living
Everyone has heard about the​ importance of​ a​ balanced diet for maintaining good health. Similarly,​ everyone knows that they should be getting exercise or​ at​ the​ very least adding more activity into their days. Getting a​ good nights sleep is​ essential without it,​ youll find that your immune system starts to​ slack off a​ bit and you​ put yourself at​ a​ greater risk for catching a​ cold or​ coming down with the​ flu.
We all know what we should be doing,​ but lets be honest very few of​ us eat a​ balanced diet all of​ the​ time. Many of​ us make the​ choice to​ take the​ elevator rather than the​ stairs and we try to​ find a​ parking place thats as​ close as​ possible to​ our destination rather than taking the​ opportunity to​ walk a​ little further. We also tend to​ let stress,​ work,​ social gatherings and more interfere with the​ amount of​ sleep that were able to​ get each night.
When we dont go the​ extra mile to​ take care of​ ourselves,​ and when our immune systems start to​ falter because of​ it,​ we may not feel it​ right away. Soon,​ sluggishness starts creeping in. This sluggishness not only slows us down,​ it​ also ages us prematurely.
Fortunately,​ theres something that we can do in​ order to​ maintain our young living. We can maintain our youth simply by adding antioxidants to​ our diet.
What are antioxidants? the​ simplest answer is​ that antioxidants are the​ vitamins and minerals found in​ foods that serve to​ fight off disease. the​ more complex answer is​ that antioxidants like Vitamin C,​ Vitamin E,​ selenium,​ Vitamin a​ that are found in​ fruits and vegetables. By making an effort to​ add antioxidants to​ our diet,​ we can keep our young living going; we can keep ourselves healthier longer.
Antioxidants are,​ in​ effect,​ sponges that soak up the​ free radicals in​ our systems. By fighting the​ free radicals in​ our bodies free radicals that are the​ result of​ less healthy foods that we eat,​ ​alcohol​ that we drink and smoke that were exposed to​ whether we smoke cigarettes ourselves or​ are exposed to​ second hand smoke from friends,​ family members who smoke,​ neighbors in​ our apartment buildings or​ coworkers at​ the​ office by adding more fruits and vegetables to​ our diet and by adding young living essential oils,​ we are better able to​ maintain our good health and reduce the​ risk of​ developing some cancers and even heart disease and stroke.
Young living oils take the​ essential oils from lemons and oranges and combine them with Ningxia wolfberries,​ juices from blueberries and pomegranate,​ along with other nutrient sources. Those who add antioxidants in​ this way will find that they
* have increased energy; that they have regained a​ sense of​ young living that doesnt come from caffeine or​ other stimulants that effect you​ for a​ short while and then wear off leaving you​ to​ crash even harder,​ feeling more tired than you​ had before,​ and,​
* help you​ to​ protect your body from the​ effects of​ a​ weakened immune system that comes from a​ lack of​ adequate self care.
However,​ increased energy and a​ sense of​ better health arent the​ only reasons why young living oils are beneficial to​ your body. the​ other reason is​ that the​ antioxidants serve to​ help your body to​ work more effectively. From boosting your immune function to​ helping your liver to​ better filter out toxins,​ from improving your cardiovascular function to​ maintaining the​ health of​ your eyes,​ youll find that antioxidants along with you​ living oils just help you​ to​ feel better.
While you​ may not always be able to​ make the​ time to​ eat balanced meals,​ you​ may not always be able to​ make time for a​ run or​ for time at​ the​ gym,​ youll find that increasing the​ antioxidants in​ your body with young living oils doesnt take much time but still offers many of​ the​ same benefits. Youll also find that,​ because the​ energy rush young living essential oils is​ all natural and without stimulants,​ not only wont you​ crash out but also your sleep cycle is​ less likely to​ be disrupted.
Are these essential oils the​ magic bullet to​ good health? Not necessarily,​ but that doesnt mean they arent the​ key to​ young living.
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