The Ins And Outs Of Tony Blairs Relationships

The Ins And Outs Of Tony Blair's Relationships
His sense of​ reality is​ a​ bit weak; Blair tends to​ daydream and lose himself in​ his plans .​
He is​ likely to​ be preoccupied with fantasies or​ ideas that help him escape the​ ordinary .​
Always looking for ideal relationships,​ Tony may be drawn to​ philanthropic associations.
Blair works well with the​ public and has an​ instinct for what the​ public wants and will respond to​ .​
Having a​ nest is​ not especially important to​ Tony,​ and he may invest more of​ his emotional energy into his career or​ public life than in​ his private life .​
Providing and caring for others,​ in​ a​ professional capacity is​ very likely.
Tony Blair genuinely appreciates and understands women,​ and is​ likely to​ have many female friends,​ a​ network of​ women who love and support him .​
It is​ relatively easy for Tony Blair to​ attract companionship and affection,​ and there will never be a​ lack of​ such relationships in​ his life .​
Children are very important to​ Blair also.
Tony Blair feels comfortable in​ an​ atmosphere that is​ open and experimental,​ and he has little taste for convention and tradition.
His love feelings are easily aroused and his romantic relationships begin with a​ sudden electric attraction,​ but they often end abruptly,​ and Blair may be in​ and out of​ love relationships - especially in​ his younger years .​
Tony Blair craves emotional excitement and needs to​ feel spontaneous and free,​ so he may avoid making firm personal commitments .​
Unusual or​ nontraditional forms of​ love and relationships appeal to​ Blair,​ and he is​ attracted to​ unique,​ creative or​ unstable people.
Tony Blair often hides his affection,​ or​ finds his feelings difficult to​ express or​ get across to​ the​ person he loves .​
Being openly affectionate and trusting often does not seem safe to​ Tony .​
He may feel his love will not be appreciated or​ reciprocated .​
Tony Blair may get involved in​ secret love relationships or​ fall in​ love with a​ person who is​ quite unavailable to​ him .​
Love and sacrifice often seem to​ go hand in​ hand for Tony Blair - having to​ give something up to​ be with the​ one he loves,​ or​ having to​ relinquish some person or​ some aspect of​ an​ important love relationship.
His love feelings and desires are easily aroused but he may find it​ difficult to​ sustain his romantic interest in​ relationships after the​ initial,​ exciting chase and conquest .​
Tony Blair enjoys a​ dynamic partner with a​ strong independent streak,​ and he does not like things to​ become too peaceful or​ predictable in​ the​ love arena .​
Tony wants to​ see sparks fly once in​ awhile,​ even if​ it​ means instigating a​ fight.
He is​ highly sensitive to​ everyone around him and is​ subject to​ strange moods or​ feelings .​
Tony Blair has a​ tendency to​ exaggerate and could have unrealistic ambitions that may be hard to​ realize .​
It would be wise for Blair to​ keep his expectations a​ bit lower.
He is​ subject to​ changing moods and tends to​ alternate between associating with others and being completely alone,​ seeking to​ regenerate himself in​ solitude .​
Tony Blair seems to​ be too critical of​ himself and tends to​ generate distance from others.
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