The Foreign Currency Exchange Market What Is It All About

The Foreign Currency Exchange Market - What is​ It All About?
You’ve likely heard of​ the​ Foreign Currency Exchange Market, but do you​ know what it’s all about and​ how to​ participate in​ it? Some people do, but many don’t know that the​ world’s currencies are traded almost every day of​ the​ week around the​ clock .​
There is​ a​ lot of​ money changing hands across the​ globe by simply predicting whether one currency goes up or​ down versus another .​
The Foreign Currency Exchange Market is​ termed the​ Forex, which is​ an​ abbreviation that is​ easier to​ say.
Can I​ Participate in​ the​ Forex?
Just like the​ stock markets we are all more accustomed to, individuals can also participate in​ the​ Forex .​
Individual investors couldn’t always participate in​ the​ Forex, but now they can .​
Since the​ Forex is​ an​ extremely liquid market, everyone is​ afforded the​ opportunity to​ buy in​ and​ sell currency positions without having to​ worry if​ there are enough trades to​ buy or​ sell one’s position .​
There are some investment markets which naturally have very little liquidity or​ volume and​ thus an​ investor can get stuck in​ positions longer than they would like or​ they may find hindrances even getting a​ position they want .​
With Forex Trades, you​ can be assured of​ filling your orders without the​ worry of​ liquidity .​
Just remember that as​ an​ individual, you​ will be in​ the​ market trading with large banks, other financial markets, companies, currency speculators, other individuals and​ governments…all looking to​ make money on​ currency fluctuations.
How is​ the​ Forex Different from other Markets?
Little to​ No Insider Information: One of​ the​ major differences the​ Forex exhibits versus other financial markets is​ the​ fact that there is​ little to​ no insider information involved with the​ Forex .​
Major financial news such as​ trade deficits, GDP, growth, inflation and​ other figures are released publicly to​ everyone at​ the​ same time .​
The problem other financial markets often have is​ people illegally leaking information from companies with select people having an​ advantage when they go to​ trade the​ stock or​ commodity before others find out about the​ news .​
The Forex Market doesn’t have the​ level of​ risk in​ that regard that some markets have .​
However, with that being said, large banks can have an​ advantage because they can monitor their customers’ orders, but they work with difference spreads anyway since they do such a​ large volume .​
The spread between the​ bid and​ the​ ask is​ always more than it​ is​ when larger institutions are buying or​ selling currencies .​
It stands to​ reason that those who place larger orders are going to​ receive bigger discounts in​ the​ form of​ a​ tighter bid and​ ask.
Severely Leveraged Trading: Another difference between the​ Forex or​ FX Market and​ other financial markets is​ the​ possibility of​ severely leveraged trading, thus lowering the​ initial investment required .​
Some Forex Brokers can offer 300:1 or​ even 400:1, which means if​ you​ only have $1,000 to​ invest, you​ could open up a​ $400,000 position .​
This lower level of​ investment allows more people to​ trade in​ the​ Forex and​ decreases initial costs to​ enter the​ market.
Low to​ No Commissions: Forex Trading also offers little to​ no commissions, unlike equity trading .​
Not only do most Forex Brokers not charge a​ commission at​ all, but the​ spreads are tighter than they are in​ the​ equity markets .​
This means more of​ your money stays in​ your pocket instead of​ the​ Brokers’.
Easier Trading: Since the​ majority of​ Forex Trades take place among the​ top 7 currencies, you​ don’t have to​ learn about as​ many investments as​ you​ would with the​ stock market .​
This makes it​ easier to​ be specialized.
Forex trading has many advantages compared to​ other financial markets .​
However, as​ with any investment, you​ will want to​ do your homework to​ make sure that Forex is​ right for​ you​ .​
As far as​ the​ Forex being less complicated than other equity markets, less costly as​ far as​ commissions and​ entry costs, more liquid, more leverage available and​ little to​ no insider information to​ deal with, it​ appears it​ is​ hard to​ go wrong with Forex Trading .​
If you​ stick to​ your system and​ don’t get distracted, the​ sky is​ the​ only limit in​ the​ Forex Market.
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