Teas And Your Health

Teas and Your Health
There are many teas that have been drunk throughout the​ ages. They are basically infusions of​ plants,​ usually the​ leaves and sometimes the​ flowers,​ by boiling them with water. Teas can be drunk hot or​ cold and are used for a​ variety of​ ailments. Teas of​ different sorts are drunk worldwide.
The official tea that we drink is​ the​ second most popular beverage and grown in​ the​ mountainous regions of​ China,​ India,​ Sir Lanka,​ Vietnam,​ Nepal,​ Georgia,​ Japan,​ Kenya,​ Malawi and Taiwan. the​ tea we drink is​ taken from the​ top leaves and the​ buds of​ the​ Camellia Sinensis tree. These leaves are specially dried and then crushed for maximum flavor.
Tea is​ a​ mild stimulant,​ with small amounts of​ caffeine. it​ has far less than its counterpart coffee. it​ also has small amounts of​ vitamin A,​ B2,​ C,​ D,​ K,​ and P. there are also trace amounts of​ some minerals. Overall it​ is​ good for your health. it​ is​ recommended that about 3 cups of​ tea and more should be drunk a​ day to​ get the​ healthful qualities of​ this beverage.
There are 4 common forms of​ tea are
Black tea
White tea
Oolong tea
Green tea
Black tea is​ the​ most common form of​ tea and is​ known as​ the​ famous English tea as​ this is​ drunk predominantly in​ Britain and the​ Western world. This tea is​ drunk hot but can also be used to​ brew the​ famous iced tea. it​ is​ made from the​ leaves of​ the​ tea plant and is​ completely fermented. This results in​ its darker color. it​ is​ more of​ a​ stimulant than the​ other teas and a​ more intense taste. Sometimes it​ is​ drunk with lemon but most commonly with milk.
White tea comes from the​ bud of​ the​ tea plant. it​ undergoes little or​ no processing fermenting or​ oxidizing this brings out the​ antioxidants but will reduce the​ stimulant quality of​ this tea. Because the​ buds can only be harvested in​ the​ spring season this tea is​ not so common and fairly expensive.
Oolong tea is​ fermented more than green tea but less than black. Research has shown that this tea helps the​ digestive system and is​ good for metabolism.
Green tea is​ also not fermented like white tea but is​ made from more mature leaves so is​ much more common and affordable. This tea was predominantly drunk in​ the​ Orient namely Japan and China,​ but is​ gaining new ground in​ the​ West as​ research is​ showing the​ beneficial properties of​ this form of​ tea. Again it​ has more antitoxins flavonoids and is​ less of​ a​ stimulant. Added to​ this it​ has vitamin C and fluoride.
Tea Houses are becoming very popular especially in​ fashionable areas of​ Europe like Paris. as​ more research comes to​ light we will hear more about the​ benefits of​ this popular drink. So the​ next time you​ relax with a​ good refreshing cup of​ tea you​ can rest assured that your favorite beverage is​ also good for your health.
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