Tarot Astrology 03

Some folks are superstitious .​
There are no two ways about it .​
Just look at​ every human being who attends church on​ Sundays .​
Are they not superstitious? of​ course they are .​
Maybe they don't consider themselves this way, but if​ you​ really examine the​ term, aren't they superstitious on​ some level .​
They do have faith in​ things that cannot be proven by physical evidence .​
However, most religious people will argue up and​ down that there beliefs are sound and​ free from doubt .​
And this goes for​ infinite different religions .​
Wow, it's so bizarre how all of​ them are right at​ the​ same time .​
Interesting indeed .​
Anyway, most individuals consider superstition as​ something that relates to​ jinxes, black cats, tarot astrology, and​ various curses .​
I'm sure you've heard the​ stories .​
So are they true or​ false?
Let Cleo tell you​ your future! Ha, what a​ load of​ garbage .​
I'll bet half of​ the​ tarot astrology nuts out there dismissed the​ practice altogether after they realized she was a​ fraud .​
Oh, and​ then there was Dionne Warwick .​
What in​ the​ world was this ex-musician thinking? She basically obliterated her respectable past .​
Not a​ good plan at​ all .​
So what's the​ deal with all these mediums and​ their questionable tarot astrology? I​ will tell you​ what's up; it's a​ way to​ make cash, green, dough, loot or​ whatever you​ wish to​ call it .​
They want to​ scam you​ out of​ your money .​
Now I​ know what some folks are thinking .​
You saw the​ movie the​ Gift and​ now you​ want to​ believe .​
Well guess what; most of​ it's bogus .​
Classic tarot astrology on​ the​ other hand can be whatever you​ make of​ it .​
I'm not discouraging you​ belief in​ the​ practice; just the​ phonies who want your cash .​
You want to​ know one of​ the​ most popular places to​ acquire tarot astrology readings these days? the​ Internet .​
Don't act so surprised .​
You knew it​ was coming .​
Everything is​ virtual now days .​
So if​ you're super intrigued about getting a​ reading, just get on​ your PC .​
Find out if​ you​ got the​ Death card or​ not .​
Ha, just a​ little joke .​
Maybe you​ just want to​ better understand your sign .​
In my opinion these monthly summaries are rather vague and​ could apply to​ anyone .​
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