Sun Sign Astrology An Intriguing Scorpion

Astrology sun sign details happen to​ be the​ main source of​ astrological assessment. Every sun sign possesses certain distinct traits with the​ help of​ which people of​ one sun sign could be easily distinguished from others. Scorpio is​ one such peculiar astrological sun sign.

People borne on​ a​ date that lies on​ or​ in​ between October 22 to​ November 22 are called Scorpions as​ their sun sign happens to​ be Scorpio.

Scorpions are ruled by Mars and​ Pluto. This sun sign possesses some negative traits along with a​ good number of​ positive qualities. Scorpions happen to​ be very cunning. They are very probing by nature and​ happen to​ be very much inquisitive of​ others.

Purple and​ gold are colors assigned to​ scorpions. Their stone is​ Topaz and​ Iron is​ their metal. Scorpions hail from the​ water element.

Scorpions are known for​ having great sexual cravings. Their high sexual drive is​ difficult to​ be satisfied. That's why they need a​ partner who is​ equally sexually active. for​ scorpions sexual compatibilities are of​ utmost importance. Women say, scorpion males are rocking in​ bed. They don't have emotional hangovers attached with themselves. at​ times scorpions are very brutal. if​ a​ scorpion could sublime his/her distorted sexual urges, the​ energy saved could be used to​ make the​ scorpion a​ great human being.

On the​ other hand scorpions have n-number of​ qualities. They happen to​ be very intelligent and​ try their level best to​ achieve their target. They are very intense people who can, to​ any extent, make things work for​ themselves. They are very passionate about their career. and​ they can't afford to​ loose in​ life. They happen to​ be very protective of​ their near and​ dear ones.

Scorpions are known for​ their expertise as​ strategy makers. They plan out things in​ advance and​ don't lose their patience till the​ right time arrives to​ change their fortune.

All in​ all, scorpions possess great resilience capability. Nothing could change their perception. They could be easily out of​ the​ worst of​ situations. Scorpions know the​ art of​ figuring out things that can't be expressed in​ 's eye.
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