Signs Of Ill Health

Signs of​ Ill health
Signs of​ ill health are the​ most important signs of​ the​ health status in​ your dogs. For example,​ if​ the​ dog has continuous nasal discharge,​ it​ indicates the​ presence of​ nasal congestion and if​ the​ discharge is​ thick,​ most of​ the​ times,​ the​ dog may have pneumonia.
If the​ dog vomits one or​ two times occasionally,​ this may not be taken as​ a​ serious sign of​ ill health but if​ the​ dog continues this vomiting,​ then this is​ something significant to​ be looked into.
If the​ dog has continuous itching,​ then one needs to​ check up the​ dog first by closer observation and examination of​ skin by separating the​ hair material especially in​ case of​ long haired breeds. you​ may also come across a​ lot of​ ticks or​ lice on​ skin,​ which may look apparently normal at​ a​ distance.
If the​ dog passes loose stool for one or​ two times,​ this need not be given more emphasis but if​ there is​ continuous passing of​ loose stool,​ then the​ dog is​ understood to​ suffer from bowel disorders. if​ the​ dog does not pass stool for two to​ three days,​ the​ digestive upsets needs to​ be ruled out carefully.
Just patiently observe the​ dog’s walking movements and rule out any abnormal movements in​ the​ dog. if​ the​ dog is​ limping,​ the​ animal may have foot lesions. Similarly,​ if​ the​ aged dog has reluctant walking and less feed intake along with repeated vomiting,​ then acute renal disorders like nephritis needs to​ be ruled out.
If there is​ whiteness in​ eyes,​ suspect the​ corneal opacity that may occur in​ diseases like trypanasomosis. When the​ dog becomes anemic,​ the​ mucous membrane of​ the​ eyes becomes paler and in​ severe cases,​ this may have wall white color. if​ the​ dog bites chain and owners or​ others,​ look for behavior disorders and rabies needs to​ be ruled out.
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