Sell Celebrity Photos For Big Profits

Ever wonder why you see so many paparazzi surrounding each and every celebrity that roams the​ streets? if​ you think it​ is​ only because they want a​ glimpse of​ their favorite stars then you might be surprised. the​ truth is​ that taking pictures of​ celebrities is​ big business. Being at​ the​ right place at​ the​ right time can mean capturing an​ image that can be sold for thousands of​ dollars. But before you head off with your camera to​ try and cash-in on​ this growing market,​ read these helpful tips to​ get started on​ the​ right foot.

Get the​ Right Shot

Of course you will probably be happy with your first capture of​ a​ celebrity in​ action,​ but not every picture will command big bucks. First off,​ get creative. Don’t follow the​ crowd or​ else you will have the​ same shot that everyone else is​ trying to​ sell. Next,​ always remember to​ capture their face in​ the​ shot (this is​ easier than it​ sounds). You should also make sure your subject is​ clearly centered,​ in​ focus,​ and free from background distractions. Finally,​ you need to​ obey the​ law. You can only take pictures of​ stars in​ public places. This means you can’t pretend to​ be a​ customer or​ employee of​ the​ hotel or​ restaurant they are at,​ but you can catch them outside of​ these locations.

Get Connected

Once you have your winning picture it​ is​ time to​ take to​ take it​ the​ marketplace. Since you are just starting out you will have to​ work hard to​ meet contacts from the​ major media outlets. Send emails to​ the​ editors at​ the​ big magazines and newspapers. Include a​ watermarked attachment of​ your image to​ verify your authenticity. if​ you don’t have success with print editors,​ then turn to​ the​ most popular celebrity blogs and websites. You won’t get as​ much money,​ but at​ least you can start building your reputation. if​ all else fails,​ sell your image to​ another photographer who can resell it​ through his established contacts.

Build Your Business

The hardest part of​ selling celebrity photos is​ finding the​ best spots to​ shoot and making the​ right contacts. Start taking notes of​ every place you find success capturing the​ stars at​ play. Build this into a​ route that you can drive each day looking for activity. Don’t be afraid to​ sell your pictures cheap at​ first. Once you begin to​ consistently capture desirable images,​ you will build a​ solid reputation in​ the​ field. This will give you access to​ the​ top-level editors and the​ biggest payouts. Remember to​ keep pushing your products no matter how many times you hear “no”. You simply never know when an​ editor will come around and decide they want access to​ your shot.

Selling celebrity photographs can be an​ exciting and lucrative career for the​ adventurous photographer. But breaking into this niche business requires an​ entrepreneurial mindset. You have to​ find a​ way to​ get the​ shots that no one else has access to. Once you begin to​ find some success,​ your contact list will grow and you will have multiple options for selling your work.

The key to​ this business is​ persistence and consistency. Don’t knock on​ the​ doors of​ publishers until you know you have a​ quality image. More importantly,​ don’t give up when you get turned away the​ first few times. Keep working towards your goal and eventually the​ money will follow.
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