Science Or Not Astrology Is What I Like To Believe In

If you​ checked out the​ statistics, mobile Operators in​ India seem to​ be raking in​ their moolah from Value Added Services and​ guess which VAS Value Added Service people are subscribing to​ on​ an​ increasing basis at​ a​ pace that is​ nothing less than Scorching? it​ is​ Astrology, mostly pertaining to​ daily, monthly and​ yearly horoscopes. the​ world over, scientists seem to​ be engrossed in​ their pedantic debates about the​ fact that Astrology isn't even a​ form of​ science directly opposing the​ traditional view which thinks otherwise, people in​ general really don't care much about it.

Astrology has humble and​ ancient roots and​ is​ has always believed to​ have an​ element of​ "occult" to​ it. Humans have, for​ a​ long time now, wanted to​ take a​ peek into the​ future, to​ know what is​ coming, to​ foresee things and​ Astrology seems to​ be the​ only thing that comes close to​ satiating this queer little need of​ ours.

Whether it​ is​ boxed into the​ "Science" category or​ a​ 'Pseudoscience" category, it​ so happens that it​ had never failed to​ enthrall people by its sheer power of​ looking ahead into the​ future. From the​ seemingly cute 'Romantic Matches', elaborate analysis on​ sun signs and​ some serious future gazing, Astrology was and​ still is​ something only the​ wise people who live in​ the​ mountains yonder deal with - the​ rest of​ us just ask for​ it.

The fact of​ the​ matter, substantiated by a​ number of​ surveys conducted over time, is​ that there has been a​ noted increase in​ the​ interest towards this subject generally and​ there could never be a​ solid conclusion as​ to​ the​ fact that Astrology almost borders on​ the​ lines of​ ridiculousness and​ is​ thought to​ be 'Dressed up' as​ some kind of​ science.

Astrology, rests on​ the​ belief that one's life can be predicted by courting one's birth chart and​ that there are really a​ few levels pertaining to​ one's soul. the​ one that is​ real and​ that can be seen and​ scientifically explained and​ the​ other that is​ somewhat mysterious and​ a​ place where " mind and​ matter may reunite".
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