Protecting Yourself From A Bad Marriage

In modern times, almost nobody willingly enters a​ marriage they know to​ be dangerous or​ unhealthy. Yet, over time a​ large number of​ women find themselves in​ a​ situation they realize is​ out of​ control or​ simply not an​ environment they are comfortable in. it​ can be tricky dealing with divorce or​ separation in​ an​ abusive marriage, but you​ can quickly extricate yourself from the​ situation legally and​ without expensive legal fees by spending a​ bit of​ time researching your options online.
Making the​ Decision
It may take you​ a​ long time to​ realize your marriage is​ destroying your spirit or​ is​ outright dangerous. Many times women looking back on​ the​ years together can see signs of​ emotional or​ physical abuse long before the​ first fist flew or​ she reached the​ breaking point from insults and​ insinuation. Regardless of​ how long you’ve been in​ an​ ugly situation, there is​ no need to​ stay there – despite your trepidation.
Many women stay in​ a​ marriage longer than they should for​ the​ sake of​ their children or​ out of​ fear of​ being alone. While both of​ these are valid arguments, they are not powerful enough to​ allow a​ dangerous man in​ your life or​ your child’s.
Staying for​ the​ Children
The most common argument for​ staying in​ a​ marriage, at​ least from mothers, is​ that their children need a​ father figure. While studies have shown that healthy, intact marriages are indeed beneficial for​ children, an​ unhealthy family environment is​ likely putting a​ great deal of​ stress on​ your children – more than a​ separation and​ move would entail.
Children, even toddlers and​ infants, are very astute. They may not understand all the​ words in​ an​ argument, but they do understand and​ react to​ tone. and​ if​ your home is​ full of​ shouting and​ insults, your child is​ exposed to​ that despite you​ try to​ keep it​ from him. Not only do children sense when there is​ trouble between their parents, they are also learning behaviors from you​ and​ your husband at​ all times.
If your child sees that a​ man can hit his wife in​ anger and​ simply apologize later without recourse, you’ve effectively taught your child that hitting is​ okay and​ that physically dominating a​ woman or​ being dominated by a​ man is​ just the​ way of​ things. Telling your child not to​ hit his friends or​ siblings is​ a​ moot point after he sees violence in​ his own home. the​ same can be said for​ insults, name-calling and​ shouting.
If your child is​ in​ danger of​ physical or​ emotional abuse, you​ are responsible for​ removing them from that situation immediately.
Being Alone
If you’ve been in​ a​ relationship, even a​ bad one, for​ a​ long time there is​ definitely a​ concern about suddenly being alone. This fear is​ compounded if​ you’ve been out of​ the​ workforce to​ raise children at​ home. While this fear can be crippling, don’t allow it​ to​ be. Reach out to​ a​ shelter or​ community center that helps women find two feet to​ stand on​ while they prepare restraining orders and​ divorce papers. a​ shelter or​ help center can also give you​ legal advice and​ help you​ make a​ fresh start away from your current situation.
Take Action
If you​ can’t afford a​ lawyer or​ simply don’t know where to​ begin, order an​ inexpensive packet of​ legal documents from a​ reputable online source. you​ can obtain restraining orders, child custody documents and​ the​ papers you’ll need to​ begin divorce proceedings.
If the​ thought of​ divorce is​ still too overwhelming, start with a​ simple step – get you​ and​ your children away from the​ negative influence and​ at​ least begin researching your options. you​ may be entitled to​ half of​ all assets and​ earnings in​ the​ marriage.
Restraining orders are a​ logical next step to​ keep you​ safe from any reaction on​ your husband’s part, and​ then legal separation or​ divorce will give you​ a​ clean start down the​ road. the​ most important thing should not be filing legal paperwork, however. What’s really important is​ that you​ act accordingly to​ keep you​ and​ yours safe.
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