Of Mosquitoes And Anxiety

You're itching for​ that one shot of​ a​ lifetime - that rare opportunity to​ have that first step to​ fame's elusive ladder. Believing that you're more prepared than ever, you gave it​ all you've got. the​ sad thing is, nothing came out of​ your first “outing” at​ the​ theater.

People occasionally get bitten by the​ performance anxiety bug. Yep, that ever-meddling “bug” that bites you no matter how prepared you are. it​ manages to​ seep into your system, bringing chaos and​ unbelievable panic. and​ you are left with nothing but sighs of​ disappointment. But there's hope. Whether you will be playing Romeo in​ a​ Shakespearean-inspired play, belting your guts out in​ a​ singing competition, or​ reading a​ self-made poem in​ front of​ your classroom peers - there are practical ways to​ get rid of​ that performance anxiety. It's as​ simple as​ swatting your regular mosquitoes. Wanna know how? Read on...

Change your defective mosquito mats called “skepticism.” as​ long as​ you're using worn out and​ dilapidated nets... no matter how you cower inside to​ protect your body – you will end up getting bitten by those “mental mosquitoes.” It's very fascinating to​ know that these bugs manage to​ creep in​ our “supposed” safe nightly abodes. Are they trained by A-1 pilots who do fancy flight maneuvers just for​ fun?

In this light, no matter how much you prepare for​ that performance, if​ you don't dispel inherent confusions and​ fright episodes, you would just end up committing the​ same blunder. However, a​ handful of​ performers still believe for​ the​ need of​ a​ little amount of​ “nerves” or​ stage fright. Accordingly, this gives them a​ better boost in​ their acting performance.

To counter stage fright, psychologists encourage people to​ visualize positive scenarios to​ help them take control of​ their bodily reactions. Seeing yourself in​ control and​ composed, as​ they say, is​ the​ best way to​ give that performance anxiety bug a​ little whacking.

When outdoors, bring reasonable amounts of​ “reality” lotion. Coping with anxiety is​ not always the​ same as​ denying its ever-pestering presence. Psychologists even advice people to​ put their fear into words like what other performers do in​ some of​ their concerts. This is​ a​ tricky thing to​ do because your words, or​ spiels, may go out of​ hand. the​ trick is​ to​ ferret out those fears as​ naturally and​ comically as​ possible. the​ performer and​ the​ audience sure can use a​ little laughter and​ a​ breath of​ fresh air even in​ the​ middle of​ the​ show.

Stay away from its lair. One of​ your fears is​ actually the​ fear that something will trigger your fears, right? What you can do is​ to​ avoid places and​ people that elicit those worries and​ apprehensions. Coping with anxiety is​ not an​ easy task and​ it​ may involve changing your daily routines and​ activities. in​ short, steer clear of​ things that might trigger fear.

Give yourself a​ pat on the​ back. Like pesky mosquitoes, reality dictates that there's no sure fire formula to​ overcoming performance anxiety. All your efforts to​ control your worries and​ apprehensions must be evaluated. Constantly checking on your progress actually boosts your sense of​ self-control and​ mastery over your fears. Coping up with anxiety, specifically performance anxiety, is​ a​ life skill. to​ get ahead in​ your career, whether it​ be in​ show business or​ in​ corporate world, taking a​ hold of​ one's fears is​ the​ first step to​ success.
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