Oatmeal Healthy And Cheap

Oatmeal Healthy and Cheap
One of​ the​ biggest problems with trying to​ eat cheaply is​ to​ make sure that you​ are eating nutritious foods. My secret weapon is​ oatmeal. Not the​ flavored crap sold in​ little packets! you​ want the​ type of​ oatmeal that comes in​ large flakes and that takes a​ long time to​ cook. it​ is​ possible that your local supermarket wont even carry it.
Personally,​ I ​ go to​ the​ nearby health food store for my oatmeal. I ​ get large flake rolled oats. you​ can also find steel cut oats in​ some stores. Either way,​ you​ are buying food that hasnt had a​ lot of​ processing. Oats,​ when unprocessed like this,​ are very good for you.
When money is​ scarce,​ a​ bag of​ quality oatmeal costs under $2 and will last for a​ week or​ two. you​ can have it​ for breakfast every day with a​ bit of​ milk or​ yogurt. I ​ dont even bother to​ cook my oatmeal,​ just mixing it​ with yogurt or​ putting in​ some milk. if​ you​ find a​ cheaper meal which has the​ same level of​ convenience,​ while being healthy,​ please let me know.
It may be obvious,​ but canned food is​ generally loaded with salt,​ sugar and other useless ingredients while at​ the​ same time containing highly processed food that is​ degraded nutritionally. if​ you​ are having to​ be frugal then you​ should put a​ bit more time into your own food preparation,​ so that you​ can eat better and eat cheaper. For example,​ buy very large bags of​ beans and rice. you​ wont find wholesome food any cheaper than this.
Finally,​ there is​ a​ concept out there that will generally apply to​ the​ foods you​ purchase. the​ more processed the​ food is​ and the​ more convenient it​ is,​ the​ more likely it​ is​ to​ be expensive with respect to​ its nutritional value. Oatmeal is​ a​ fantistic exception because while it​ is​ as​ convenient as​ a​ box of​ cereal and has a​ long shelf life it​ is​ unprocessed,​ healthy and almost as​ cheap as​ dirt.
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