Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach
North Myrtle Beach is​ an excellent beach vacation
that offers endless stretches of​ powdery white
sand and​ the​ crystal blue Atlantic Ocean. These
are all but the​ beginning of​ what a​ truly great
vacation in​ Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is​ all
No matter if​ you are looking for​ a​ relaxing break
from your daily routine or​ a​ vacation filled with
activity, youll find it​ all and​ then some in​ Myrtle
Beach. There is​ something for​ your entire family
here, including miniature golf, water parkers, fine
dining, shopping, and​ a​ lot more. Golf lovers will
find paradise in​ choosing from over 80 pro courses
in the​ Myrtle Beach/North Myrtle Beach areas.
When the​ sun goes down in​ Myrtle Beach, the​ fun
doesnt stop. Several fine dining restaurants
will tempt you with their delicious food. After
you have dinner you can visit one of​ the​ many night
clubs in​ Myrtle Beach that offers a​ dazzling array
of entertainment that includes comedy, country
music, rock n roll, and​ of​ course the​ shag music
that the​ beach is​ so very well known for.
Tucked away from the​ hustle and​ bustle of​ life
youll find endless stretches of​ sandy beaches
with the​ sounds and​ smells of​ the​ ocean. the​ salt
water marshes here are full of​ shrimp, crab, oysters
and even fish. No matter what you do, you cant
help but relax as​ the​ ocean breeze caress the​
amazing landscape of​ North Myrtle Beach.
Located just eight miles north of​ the​ Myrtle Beach
area, North Myrtle Beach offers beaches that are
less crowded, the​ pace is​ much slower, and​ fewer
high rise hotels help to​ maintain a​ family oriented
atmosphere. Here, you can take early morning
strolls along the​ ocean and​ discover the​ endless
treasures that nature has left for​ you and​ your
family to​ enjoy.
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