Making Blogging A Habit

Making Blogging a​ Habit
Do you know about blogs? How about blogging? if​ not, read this.
A blog, actually is​ a​ blend of​ two terms from web and​ log, leading to​ web log, weblog, and​ finally to​ blog .​
a​ blog is​ an​ online website that is​ used in​ the​ liking of​ an​ online journal .​
It can serve as​ an​ important solution to​ pave way to​ what you really feel or​ think in​ a​ particular topic .​
Like other media access, blogs often focus in​ many particular topics .​
The topics can range to​ any kind of​ subjects, even it​ discusses about politics, sports, music, fashion, foods, whatever it​ can bring as​ long as​ it​ can reach the​ mind of​ the​ reader.
Blogs in​ particular is​ also very popular as​ it​ functions as​ online diaries .​
For this attributes all the​ personal happenings and​ differences in​ life as​ it​ is​ available online .​
Since its appearance in​ 1995, blogs has dramatically changed the​ way of​ communication affecting public opinion and​ mass media around the​ globe .​
Blogs to​ be precise are connected by blog hosting services or​ it​ can be run by using blog software on regular web hosting services.
In relation, the​ term blogging is​ the​ process of​ authoring a​ blog, maintaining a​ blog or​ adding an​ article to​ an​ existing blog .​
For the​ person who posts blog entries is​ called a​ blogger .​
For a​ blog post typically consists of:
• Title- main title or​ a​ headline
• Body- main content of​ the​ post
• Comments- added by readers
• Permalink- the​ URL(Uniform Resource Locator) of​ all individual article
• Post date- date and​ time the​ entry was posted
For some blog entry optionally includes the​ following:
• Categories or​ tags- subjects that the​ content it​ discusses
• Trackback- links to​ other sites that is​ connected to​ the​ entry
Blogs has the​ characteristics that separate it​ from a​ standard web page .​
Blogs allows easy production of​ new pages .​
New pages with new data are entered into a​ simple form usually with the​ title itself, the​ category and​ the​ main content of​ the​ article, and​ then finally submitted .​
Templates that are automated, safely adding the​ article to​ the​ homepage, resulting the​ creation of​ the​ new full article page, and​ finally adding the​ article to​ the​ appropriate date.
Blogs differ from forums or​ newsgroups, for​ a​ reason that only the​ author or​ authoring group of​ the​ blog posted can create new subjects for​ discussion .​
Networks of​ blogs can serve just as​ if​ a​ forum for​ in​ every entity in​ the​ blog network can produce subjects.
Different kinds of​ system are used to​ produce and​ maintain blogs .​
Server-based system can eliminate the​ need for​ bloggers to​ manage the​ software .​
Web interfaces systems, users are allowed to​ work with tools such as​ Ecto, Elicit, and​ w.bloggar .​
For this operation, users are allowed to​ maintain their web-hosted blog even without the​ need to​ be online while making or​ editing entries .​
Some notable web hosting companies, such as​ Tripod, service provider like America Online, and​ internet portals like Yahoo or​ Google, provide blog production and​ hosting .​
• Personal- it​ is​ like making your diary but online .​
You can post different kind of​ thoughts or​ daily experiences just as​ you are informing the​ world what is​ happening to​ you.
• Career- usually focused on one’s professional ability and​ passion
• Cultural- discusses about sports, theatre, music and​ other arts .​
Among the​ most read blogs.
• Business
• Science
• Moblog- a​ mobile blog, in​ which the​ content is​ posted to​ the​ internet from mobile device
• Educational- that is​ used by students to​ record what they learn and​ mentors to​ record what they teach.
Blogs to​ this date can be very instrumental in​ reaching others to​ know your kind of​ thoughts, feelings, ability, passions and​ even having profits .​
Blogs is​ like a​ door to​ you that someone can knock and​ enter to​ your life.
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