Knowing What Corporate Blogging Is

Knowing What Corporate Blogging Is?
Ever wondered what blogs are all about?
Blogs are publications in​ the​ internet about the​ blog creator’s (blogger) interest, thoughts, and​ opinions .​
Some people use blogs like a​ personal diary that describes their everyday lives.
A corporate blog is​ a​ type of​ blog that is​ published with the​ support of​ an​ organization to​ reach their goals, such as, marketing and​ selling their products and​ services.
Businesses create a​ blog to​ strengthen relationships with important target groups and​ the​ positioning of​ the​ publishing organization as​ industry experts .​
This means that an​ organization creates blogs to​ show their knowledge about the​ industry they’re in.
In a​ business perspective, corporate blogs is​ used as​ advertising, much like TV ads, print ads, audio ads, and​ so on .​
There are other reasons why corporate blogs are used; the​ main reason is​ to​ create stronger relations with target groups.
Reasons for​ corporate blogging
Place your company as​ the​ leader of​ the​ industry your company is​ in .​
Be knowledgeable about the​ topic.
Your forum, where your main objective is​ not to​ sell, should focus on a​ more personal relationship with your customers .​
Create a​ forum specially made for​ customer relations between your company and​ your customers .​
This is​ great for​ customers to​ interact with each other and​ you can also receive reliable feedbacks for​ your product.
Blogs is​ a​ great way for​ employees or​ project members to​ keep in​ touch with each other and​ discuss on making the​ project or​ product better .​
It will be like meetings only they do it​ through blogs.
Remember that you should keep blogs easy to​ read and​ avoid technical terms about the​ topic.
Another great thing about a​ blog is​ that it’s informal .​
People can converse just like friends and​ can place their opinions about the​ topic and​ express their ideas to​ make it​ better.
If you do it​ right, many businesses like yours will link their website to​ yours .​
They will regard you as​ an​ expert on the​ industry.
There are six different types of​ corporate blogs .​
Each has its characteristics and​ different styles.
Sales Blog
Sales blog purpose is​ to​ advertise or​ sell products or​ services .​
The organization itself will be writing the​ blog.
The target group of​ this type of​ blog is​ potential clients or​ customers and​ people that are directly involved with the​ publishing organization.
Relationship Blogs
The purpose of​ this blog is​ to​ create and​ strengthen relationship with target organizations .​
The target group of​ this blog is​ smaller than that of​ the​ sales blog.
Branding Blogs
The purpose of​ this blog is​ to​ strengthen the​ brand or​ profile of​ the​ publishing organization or​ the​ people in​ it .​
The blogger is​ usually the​ individuals in​ the​ organization and​ are supported by the​ organization .​
The target groups in​ this blog are the​ same as​ those of​ the​ relationship and​ sales blog.
Knowledge Blogs
The purpose of​ this blog is​ to​ give employees information relating to​ their work and​ also about the​ organizations news, business intelligence and​ also about the​ ongoing projects .​
The blogger is​ usually the​ organization itself or​ someone within the​ organization assigned to​ do the​ task .​
The target groups for​ this blog are all employees with a​ specific interest.
Collaboration Blogs
This blog is​ used to​ provide a​ working team with a​ tool for​ research, collaboration and​ discussion about ongoing projects and​ ideas .​
The blogger and​ target group for​ this blog is​ the​ team itself.
Culture Blogs
Culture blogs is​ used to​ strengthen organizational culture .​
Often, the​ content of​ this blog concerns social or​ non-work related character .​
This type of​ blog creates personal relationships between the​ employees no matter what their positions in​ the​ organization are.
Corporate blogging is​ mainly used to​ strengthen the​ relationship between customers and​ employees of​ an​ organization .​
Blogs create a​ sense of​ personal view of​ the​ products and​ can freely express their opinions about the​ product or​ services .​
It is​ also a​ great way to​ get employees to​ work more efficiently by sharing their ideas and​ opinions about an​ ongoing project.
Starting a​ corporate blog is​ fairly easy .​
You don’t need to​ know about coding or​ buy anything, like softwares and​ programs .​
There are many free blog publishing in​ the​ internet, where you can use its services easily and​ free of​ charge .​
Some blog publishing websites even has blogging wizards, which will help you on a​ step-by-step basis when creating a​ blog.
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