Is Blogging For Everyone

Is Blogging for​ Everyone?
Blogging is​ a​ relatively new phenomenon .​
It basically involves the​ creation of​ an​ online journal which is​ displayed in​ reverse chronological order .​
The blogger who is​ maintaining the​ blog may opt to​ post new blog entries as​ often as​ he desires .​
This may involve posting new entries more than once per day, daily, weekly, monthly or​ even at​ a​ less frequent interval .​
The postings in​ a​ blog are typically related in​ some way but they can be about any subject the​ blogger desires .​
Bloggers may maintain a​ blog for​ a​ number of​ different reasons and​ these blogs may be private or​ public in​ nature .​
This article will describe the​ difference between a​ private and​ public blog and​ will also explain blogging professionally as​ well as​ blogging for​ personal reasons .​
Private vs .​
Public Blogs
Blogs can also be private or​ public .​
Private blogs are ones in​ which only the​ blogger and​ others who have been approved by the​ blogger can view the​ blog postings .​
Public blogs are available to​ any users of​ the​ Internet .​
a​ blogger may opt to​ make a​ blog private or​ public depending on whether or​ not he is​ comfortable with others reading the​ blog .​
For example a​ blogger who creates a​ blog for​ the​ purpose of​ venting about frustrations in​ life may opt to​ keep a​ blog private so friends or​ family members are not able to​ read these vents .​
Conversely a​ blogger who is​ blogging for​ a​ purpose such as​ to​ promote a​ cause will likely opt to​ make the​ blog public so his message can reach as​ many Internet users as​ possible .​
However, bloggers who create a​ blog to​ express themselves through their writing, poetry or​ other form of​ expression may opt to​ make the​ blog private or​ public depending on whether or​ not they want to​ make these personal feelings available to​ others .​
Some bloggers in​ this situation will make the​ blog public because they want to​ reach others who may either share their feelings or​ may benefit from reading their blogs .​
There may be other bloggers in​ this situation who will make the​ blog private because they do not want others to​ see these personal forms of​ expression .​
Blogging Professionally
Blogging can actually be done as​ a​ source of​ income for​ some bloggers .​
There are a​ number of​ companies who maintain a​ network of​ bloggers and​ pay bloggers to​ maintain a​ blog in​ the​ network .​
These bloggers may be compensated per post, according to​ the​ number of​ page views the​ blog receives or​ through a​ combination of​ the​ number of​ posts and​ the​ number of​ page views .​
a​ career as​ a​ blogger requires a​ great deal of​ dedication .​
The blogger must be willing and​ able to​ update the​ blog regularly and​ to​ keep the​ blog interesting to​ readers .​
Blogging for​ Personal Reasons
Blogging can also be done for​ personal reasons .​
Some bloggers use their blog to​ stay in​ touch with family and​ friends while others use it​ to​ express themselves or​ to​ share information with others .​
Blogs created for​ personal reasons can be a​ great deal of​ fun but the​ blogger must be sure to​ avoid allowing the​ process of​ maintaining the​ blog to​ become a​ stressful situation .​
a​ blog which is​ maintained for​ personal reasons should be an​ enjoyable experience for​ the​ blogger .​
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