How Do I Get Traffic To My Website Right Now

Okay, I have my website built. Its beautiful! it​ has all of​ my adsense, yahoo publisher, affiliate program code in​ it​ or​ it​ has all of​ my products and​ services I provide in​ it, so what’s next? Okay, let’s wait. Checking my stats... nope, no one visited my website today. Maybe tomorrow.

After about a​ month of​ this, you start to​ wonder, “Why isn’t my website getting any traffic?” “My website is​ better than all my competitors”. “I have lower prices and​ better products”. “Where is​ all the​ traffic that guy that designed my website said I was going to​ get?” “And that SEO Guru that charged me $1500, where is​ he now?”

Then you search the​ webmaster forums and​ they all tell you, “Be Patient, it​ takes time for​ the​ search engines to​ index your pages”. They each give you different advice on how to​ get traffic for​ your website, but which of​ them do you listen to? and​ what if​ you don’t want to​ be patient? What if​ you want traffic right now?

There are ways to​ get traffic to​ your website immediately. There are a​ lot of​ reasons why someone needs traffic right away, like testing out their sales pitch to​ see how well they are converting traffic into sales for​ there website. or​ testing to​ see how many people per 100 will click on the​ contextual ads where you currently have them placed on your website.

But the​ best reason of​ all is, “I WANT to​ START MAKING SALES RIGHT NOW, NOT 3 MONTHS FROM NOW!”

One of​ the​ best ways to​ get traffic to​ your website right away is​ to​ buy that traffic. I am not talking about banner ads at​ the​ top of​ other people’s pages that nobody clicks on. I’m not talking about emailing a​ thousand webmasters and​ begging them to​ trade links with you. I’m not talking about buying links on other webpages or​ submitting your link to​ link farms and​ spam pages where even if​ you did get traffic to​ your website, you still would not make any sales.

I’m talking about popunder traffic. if​ your website is​ fairly new you need to​ listen to​ this. it​ will take time for​ your webpages to​ get indexed by the​ search engines so that is​ not going to​ drive traffic to​ your website in​ a​ short period of​ time.

"If Mohammed cannot go to​ the​ mountain, then the​ mountain must come to​ Mohammed.” in​ other words, until the​ search engines index your webpages or​ other websites begin to​ link to​ you, people cannot come to​ your website because they don’t know where it​ is.

So you take the​ mountain to​ Mohammed. By purchasing popunder traffic, your webpage is​ displayed to​ as​ many people as​ you want. When they go to​ websites they already know about and​ know how to​ find, your website piggybacks that website they are visiting by popping up underneath the​ website they are viewing.

As soon as​ they close that page, they are now at​ your webpage. Now you have visitors and​ it’s up to​ your websites design and​ conversion ability to​ turn those customers into sales.

When you buy this kind of​ traffic, its like throwing a​ switch. They can turn that traffic on in​ minutes. if​ you use a​ real-time stat counter you can see the​ number of​ visits to​ your website. You can also target the​ type of​ traffic you want for​ your website and​ you can choose what country you want the​ traffic to​ come from.

You want traffic to​ your website right now? Go get it!
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