Healthy Eating Tips For Busy Moms

Healthy Eating Tips for​ Busy Moms
Moms are constantly on​ the​ go . ​
Whether you​ are a​ working mom or​ a​ stayathome mother,​ it​ is​ hard to​ find the​ time to​ sit and​ eat a​ meal,​ let alone a​ healthy one . ​
Here are a​ few tips to​ sneak that healthy eating into the​ busiest of​ schedules . ​

Exercise is​ important but eating is​ the​ best way to​ get the​ nutrition that you​ need to​ keep the​ body healthy . ​
if​ your eating habits are poor,​ then the​ benefits of​ exercise are decreased . ​
in​ essence,​ you​ are working against yourself . ​

The world of​ work has necessitated the​ need for​ instant everything,​ including food . ​
if​ you​ don’t have time for​ breakfast,​ you​ grab a​ prepackaged granola bar . ​
for​ lunch,​ you​ eat a​ frozen microwaveable meal and​ grab a​ soda from the​ vending machine . ​
Dinner comes from a​ fast food restaurant or​ other takeout place . ​

For a​ busy mom,​ this type of​ processed eating is​ not going to​ yield the​ energy she needs to​ make it​ through the​ day successfully . ​
These foods may be okay in​ a​ pinch,​ but they definitely should not be the​ rule of​ thumb . ​
Healthy eating habits for​ mom also translate into healthy eating habits for​ the​ rest of​ the​ family as​ well . ​

Let’s start with what mom needs to​ eat . ​
No more than twelve ounces of​ protein are needed per day . ​
People don’t realize that getting that much protein is​ not hard . ​
Usually we are getting too much protein which gets stored in​ the​ body as​ fat . ​
One or​ two servings of​ fruit and​ five to​ seven servings of​ vegetables are recommended each day . ​
Fats should be kept to​ a​ minimum with most being unsaturated oils . ​
Carbohydrates should come in​ the​ form of​ whole grains,​ beans,​ and​ legumes . ​
Very little processed sugar should be consumed . ​

The best way to​ achieve this is​ preplanning . ​
the​ evening before,​ plan what you​ will eat the​ next day . ​
Package your snacks into portion sizes and​ put together your meals . ​

Weekends are a​ good time to​ cook several meals for​ the​ week ahead . ​
This way,​ the​ meals can be separated into containers and​ frozen to​ be warmed up later . ​
Because you​ have prepared the​ food,​ you​ know what types of​ ingredients are in​ it . ​

If you​ plan to​ be out during lunch,​ fix a​ salad or​ other meal that does not need refrigeration . ​
if​ it​ does,​ carry an​ insulated lunch bag with an​ ice pack . ​
This way,​ you​ are never without something healthy to​ eat . ​

A busy mother can still be a​ healthy mother . ​
Use weekends to​ prepare future meals . ​
Get the​ family involved to​ lessen the​ work and​ increase the​ variety of​ the​ meals . ​
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