First Impression Advice For That First Date

First dates are tough situations. Oftentimes, they can end up being painfully awkward. So what do you do?

What follows are a​ list of​ dating tips to​ help you and​ your date get started on the​ right foot:

- Try not to​ meet at​ each other's houses and​ try to​ drive yourself. This is​ so that if​ you want to​ end the​ date early, you won't be trapped. This also helps avoid the​ impulse to​ invite your date in​ or​ not. Also, having your own car means you don't have to​ worry about your safety; your date won't know where you live and​ this avoids a​ date turning into some bad stalking nightmare.

- Try to​ keep the​ date as​ simple as​ possible. First dates can bring on jittery nerves. Jittery nerves and​ complicated plans do not mix. Just make it​ easy and​ enjoyable.

- Men, try ending the​ date first and​ do it​ politely, though make sure that you show you're interested. This will make you stand out.

- Women, don't wear anything provocative or​ too sexy. This sounds like an​ old cliché but first impressions last. Your date won't know anything about you except for​ how you look and​ how you behave. He will take you at​ face value and​ giving him the​ wrong impression on what sort of​ person you are is​ not something you want to​ do.

- Try and​ wear clothing that makes you confident and​ that you are comfortable wearing. it​ will be uncomfortable enough without worrying about that tightness around you waist or​ the​ itchy necktie.

- Men, try to​ be specific about where you are going for​ the​ date. This will make the​ entire affair more comfortable and​ it​ prepares your date for​ what to​ expect and​ what to​ wear. Wearing a​ cocktail dress to​ a​ fast food joint is​ definitely out!

- Ask your date about himself/herself. a​ healthy interest in​ getting to​ know your date is​ a​ good sign to​ show him/her. This means that you want to​ learn about him/her and​ think of​ your date as​ an​ interesting person. Remember, the​ most interesting conversationalists are those who ask about others. Great topics are work, hobbies and​ sports. Just keep it​ light and​ conversational.

- Try not to​ overdo the​ perfume or​ the​ cologne. Too strong and​ the​ scent can be quite distracting. It's very hard to​ complete an​ evening out with your date dazed by the​ smell.

- Mouthwash is​ important. Also, brush your teeth and​ bring a​ couple of​ mints if​ you're eating out.

- and​ always remember... have fun and​ be yourself!
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