Effective List Management Can Save You Big

Effective List Management Can Save You Big
Let’s talk about how to​ keep your postage costs down.
So far you have been following my advice and​ mailing to​ the​ same list more
than once .​
At some point you find lists that will produce returns continually, but you notice that you are receiving more returns than when you started mailing to​ those lists .​
You may see things like Undeliverable as​ Addressed or​ Forwarding Order Expired .​
Every time you mail to​ an​ address and​ that prospect has moved or​ cannot be found for​ any reason, you have just paid for​ the​ postage with no possibility of​ getting a​ response.
Obviously it​ is​ a​ pretty big waste of​ money to​ continue to​ mail to​ this address, but what do you do about it? You could simply go into the​ list of​ names that you have purchased and​ delete the​ returns .​
No more bad addresses, no more wasted postage, right? That is​ one option but there is​ a​ better way to​ handle the​ situation.
The US Postal Service has an​ NCOA (National Change of​ Address) System that a​ limited number of​ companies are licensed to​ access .​
These companies are able to​ take the​ list that you have purchased, or​ compiled yourself, and​ check it​ against the​ USPS system .​
You will receive a​ report that will let you know if​ anyone on your list has moved, gone out of​ business, or​ even if​ the​ zip code that contact was in​ was changed by the​ Post Office itself .​
Along with the​ report you will receive a​ new copy of​ your list that has been cleaned and​ updated.
The cost for​ having your list checked is​ very economical (about $5.00 per thousand records) and​ will allow you to​ keep getting your message out to​ as​ many people in​ your list as​ possible.
At times you can see up to​ a​ 10% undeliverable rate, and​ it​ can even be higher on older lists that you have been using for​ a​ while .​
Average is​ more like 5% undeliverable so let’s take a​ look at​ the​ numbers at​ that rate.
If you mail 10,000 and​ get 5% back for​ bad addresses: 10,000 x .05 = 500 pieces.
You will have paid postage on 500 pieces that did not reach their destination.
So if​ you mail to​ your list again without cleaning it​ you have just wasted: 500 x $0.23 = $115.00.
If you were to​ NCOA that list at​ a​ rate of​ $5.00 per thousand you would have spent: 10 x $5.00 = $50.00.
So you have three choices when faced with a​ list that needs cleaning:
1 .​
Spend hours deleting every return that you receive from your list.
2 .​
Waste $115.00 or​ more in​ postage every time you mail to​ that list.
3 .​
Have the​ list checked by an​ NCOA service and​ get back in​ touch with customers that may have moved, for​ around one tenth the​ cost.
The NCOA service is​ the​ easiest and​ most effective way to​ keep your postage costs down.
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