Buying A Gift For The Man Who Has Everything

You pick out an​ amazing, expensive little keychain that comes with 32 features including its own panic button and​ tell yourself it’s the​ perfect gift. of​ course, it’s not. the​ man who has everything has probably seen the​ super keychain before and​ decided not to​ buy it​ since he would never use it​ in​ a​ million years.

It’s never easy finding gifts for​ the​ man who has everything, since the​ man who has everything has, well, everything. you​ know the​ type, professional job, nice car, good family, a​ few hobbies; probably an​ all-around good fellow, but not very easy to​ buy gifts for.

The biggest problem is​ that if​ he really wants something he’ll probably just go out and​ buy it​ himself. Therefore, anything he really wants he probably already has, and​ just about everything that he doesn’t have he probably doesn’t want very badly. This puts you, the​ gift-giver, in​ a​ pretty sticky situation.

“Well, I have to​ get him something,” you​ rationalize. you​ walk into a​ store, maybe even the​ Sharper Image where they seem to​ have all sorts of​ gifts for​ the​ man who has everything; personalized golf tees, fighting robots, glow in​ the​ dark keyboards.

Of course, he doesn’t tell you​ this when you​ give him the​ gift. He’s gracious and​ thanks you​ profusely before shoving the​ keychain into a​ drawer and​ hoping that you​ don’t mention that he never uses it.

So what are you​ supposed to​ do? Well, since the​ man who has everything hasn’t had a​ chance to​ buy anything he hasn’t seen yet, try to​ find something that is​ along his tastes, but is​ particularly difficult to​ find.

For example, if​ you’re on​ a​ trip to​ a​ wine region, and​ you​ know that he likes Chardonnay, pick up a​ few bottles from a​ small winery that he probably hasn’t heard of​ before.

If he’s a​ football fan, pick up a​ piece of​ vintage memorabilia on​ Ebay that he wouldn’t be able to​ find otherwise. Don’t take the​ easy route of​ just grabbing some useless gift in​ the​ store that is​ labeled “for the​ man who has everything,” since it’s usually something neither you​ nor he would want.

If you​ put some thought into the​ gift, it’s likely that he’ll appreciate it​ more, even if​ it’s less expensive that the​ super keychain or​ monogrammed golf tees. Pay attention to​ what he likes and​ what he can’t find, and​ your gift for​ the​ man who has everything is​ sure to​ be a​ hit.
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