Building Stronger Arms Through Yoga

Building stronger arms through Yoga

I was at work the​ other day and​ a​ co-worker of​ mine who takes Yoga classes suddenly started pumping a​ 20 pound dumbbell he had nestled in his cubicle.
Being that he does this rather frequently, I asked why and​ his response was
“Oh, my yoga classes don’t do anything for​ my arms.”

I looked at him puzzled and​ luckily for​ me, I had a​ draft of​ a​ book with photos of​ some yoga balancing poses and​ asked him if​ he had tried or​ even knew of​ them. Surprisingly, he said no and​ was now eager for​ me to​ demonstrate them to​ him.

This made me wonder, just how many other yoga enthusiasts are of​ the​ mindset that Yoga may be inadequate for​ building arm strength.

If you​ are such a​ person, nothing could be further from the​ truth.

Yoga is​ fantastic for​ building strength in the​ arms and​ although you​ may never see your biceps bulge through your T-shirt sleeves, I will say you​ will see an increase in arm strength and​ endurance that may not occur in perhaps other forms of​ exercise.

Moreover, some basic Calisthenics like Push-ups, the​ Plank and​ the​ Dive-bombers do borrow heavily from Yoga.

In my opinion, if​ one is​ looking to​ increase strength in the​ arms through Yoga, the​ best exercises to​ focus on​ will be the​ one and​ only Sun Salutations first.

From experience, when I was having difficulty holding endurance building poses such as​ the​ Wheel, Bow, Peacock and​ Crow Poses-with their variations-for a​ good enough length of​ time (say an average of​ 90 seconds and​ beyond), I discovered by sheer chance that in increasing the​ number of​ rounds of​ the​ Sun-Salutations (Exercises) mentioned earlier to​ at least 24 straight rounds, I could hold any of​ the​ poses above for​ a​ quite a​ while.

It will be safe to​ say that is​ because the​ muscles are warmed up by this powerful
combination of​ systematic poses for​ the​ otherwise moderate to​ strenuous demands put on​ them.

In addition, when I started adding Hindu-push ups (a straight yoga derivative as​ it’s basically Downward Facing dog meets Cobra Pose repeated in sequence) for​ an occasional source of​ variety in working out, these same Sun Salutations increase my endurance to​ be able to​ perform a​ good amount of​ this Yoga-esque

That considered, in addition to​ the​ Sun Salutations (24+ rounds) the​ other poses one should focus on​ for​ increasing strength in the​ arms would be the​ following:

1. the​ Wheel Pose
2. the​ Inclined Plane Pose
3. the​ Bow Pose
4. the​ several variations of​ the​ Peacock Pose
5. the​ several variation of​ Crow Pose
6. the​ Side and​ Regular Plank pose

In addition, to​ some degree, even the​ simple shoulder-stand when performed in conjunction with it counter poses-The Bridge and​ Fish pose, can definitely come in handy for​ using Yoga for​ increasing arm strength.

You know what else, each of​ these poses also come in extremely useful for​ toning up the​ abs and​ offering in some cases a​ deep tissue massage to​ your visceral organs. Bet you​ free-weights can’t do that eh?

So next time you-like my co-worker-think or​ run into someone who thinks Yoga can’t do much for​ their arms, be sure to​ tell whoever is​ applicable to​ try the​ poses above, along with the​ wonderful Sun Salutations.

This will be a​ classic case of​ ‘trying is​ believing”, so give this suggestion a​ shot and​ you​ will be almost guaranteed increase in the​ strength of​ your arms using Yoga that is-in no time.
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