Advice On How To Successfully Get Your Children To Bed

Many parents find trying to​ get their child to​ bed at​ night to​ be one big struggle. the​ child may play up, whinge and​ even cry. When in​ bed, the​ child may then repeatedly keep getting out of​ bed and​ coming downstairs. This article gives advice on how to​ successfully get your child into bed at​ night, without all of​ this fuss.

Some children even though they know that they are tired, do not want to​ miss out on any of​ the​ action or​ excitement. They want to​ spend as​ much time with mom and​ dad as​ possible. They can even see the​ fact that they have to​ go to​ bed before their parents as​ unjust and​ even cruel. These types of​ children will want to​ disrupt and​ even avoid going to​ bed at​ all cost.

I myself have two young children and​ have been through this experience myself. My daughter especially needs her sleep and​ can be very moody in​ the​ mornings, if​ she has not had a​ particular amount of​ hours of​ it. as​ a​ parent it​ can become very frustrating as​ well as​ upsetting when you see your child crying because they do not want to​ go to​ bed. Comments like, please dad just one more program on the​ television, were far too regular, and​ at​ times I felt like backing down.

I have now learnt via reading many books on parenting, how to​ best deal with this situation. Each child now has a​ set time when they have to​ be in​ bed by. This is​ a​ time that they have both agreed to!

They get changed into their pyjamas around half an​ hour before this time, and​ then can either spend that period of​ time playing with their toys or​ watching the​ television. if​ they want to​ play, we ensure that the​ games are relaxing ones and​ not too energetic.

If there is​ a​ program that is​ on later than their agreed bedtimes, I agree to​ video it​ for​ them, this way they know that they are not missing out etc.

I have agreed that I will read them a​ story at​ bedtime. This is​ something they both love and​ helps them to​ wind down and​ relax. They are also given a​ drink to​ go to​ bed with, therefore there is​ no need for​ them to​ keep coming downstairs. This drink is​ always a​ juice and​ should not be fizzy.

I have explained to​ each child the​ importance of​ sleep and​ that it​ should be something to​ enjoy and​ not to​ see as​ some sort of​ punishment. I have even gone as​ far as​ saying that I would love to​ go to​ bed at​ the​ time that they do, unfortunately their mother does not allow it.

I have tried to​ make their bedrooms their own little palace. a​ place that they want to​ spend time, a​ place which they find fun, relaxing and​ comfortable.

My son likes to​ hear music and​ therefore we play a​ tape of​ his favourite songs in​ his room. the​ volume is​ set quite low and​ this certainly helps him to​ get to​ sleep quite quickly.

These tips have helped to​ make our childrens bedtimes a​ pleasant experience, where it​ once was quite fraught. the​ children themselves are now into a​ routine, a​ routine they are happy with. I hope this advice proves useful to​ you as​ well. Good luck.
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