What Is Back Acne And What Can I Do About It

What is​ Back Acne and What Can I ​ Do About It?
Like all of​ the​ other forms of​ acne,​ there is​ no one thing that causes back acne. as​ far as​ the​ medical community stands,​ back acne also happens when oil glands start functioning more rapidly around puberty. the​ hormone group androgens,​ found in​ both females and males,​ get overactive which in​ turn causes a​ reaction in​ the​ oil glands,​ which make extra oil. the​ oil glands are located just underneath the​ skin surface.

Oil glands constantly are producing and secreting oil through the​ pores in​ the​ skin. When too much of​ the​ oils are produced the​ pores and hair follicles become clogged. the​ clogs obstruct the​ way that dead cells escape the​ skin,​ which in​ turn results in​ a​ mess of​ oil and dead cells plugging the​ hair follicle. This attracts bacterium,​ which causes the​ acne to​ be formed.

Back acne can be found on​ any part of​ the​ body and does not necessarily have to​ be on​ a​ persons back. it​ can be very severe with large lesions and painful cysts. Back acne may just be something that certain people are prone to​ or​ it​ could be caused by other things such as​ tight clothing or​ a​ heavy backpack. Not having anything in​ contact with the​ back is​ not a​ logical prevention step,​ as​ we all must sit down and everyone has to​ wear clothing.

Back acne comes in​ all sizes and forms of​ acne,​ ranging from mild forms like whiteheads to​ serious forms of​ acne including cystic acne. Bacne as​ it​ is​ referred to​ in​ slang terms,​ can consist of​ pimples,​ pustules and blackheads as​ well. Back acne affects people ranging from age ten to​ age forty or​ older yet. Understanding the​ causes of​ back acne and available treatment options,​ are very important is​ treating and preventing the​ condition.

There are some differences in​ back acne and acne located elsewhere on​ the​ body however. Back acne is​ not caused by genetics as​ other acnes can be. Some severe cases of​ back acne may be genetically passed on​ but most likely it​ is​ just the​ individuals body type or​ personal genetic make up. People all over the​ world suffer from back acne at​ some point in​ their lives. Unlike other acne,​ food does not contribute to​ the​ formation or​ flare up of​ back acne. There is​ absolutely no evidence that foods cooked in​ grease,​ or​ high in​ fat content contribute to​ back acne.

It is​ also known that excessive oil production and dirt build up does not have a​ huge impact on​ developing back acne. Perspiring excessively and not washing or​ showering immediately has been shown to​ not increase the​ chances of​ developing back acne. Back acne also does not seem to​ be affected by stress. There are some who think that facial acne is​ increased due to​ stress. However stress can cause back acne to​ not heal. Oftentimes,​ stress causes people to​ pick and bother the​ pimples,​ which make the​ condition worse.

It is​ easier to​ treat back acne than to​ try and prevent it​ because most people suffer from back acne at​ one time or​ another. Skin on​ the​ back is​ much thicker and therefore allows for stronger topical treatments,​ such as​ ten percent Benzoyl peroxide. This strength of​ Benzoyl peroxide is​ not suitable for other skin that is​ typically thinner and will not be able to​ sustain itself under harsh treatment. you​ can get all the​ same types of​ acne,​ blackheads,​ whiteheads,​ papules,​ pustules and cysts,​ on​ your back just as​ you​ can on​ any other part of​ your body.

Taking some over the​ counter medicines may treat breakouts of​ back acne in​ conditions that are not complex. Some skin specialists or​ dermatologists should treat severe forms of​ acne on​ the​ back,​ such as​ cystic acne. Most of​ the​ simpler forms of​ acne might disappear with daily washing and cleansing routines but as​ cystic acne goes deep into the​ skin and can cause permanent scarring,​ it​ should be given more serious medical attention than simple pustules or​ blackheads on​ the​ back.

Always speak to​ your healthcare provider about treatment before starting a​ back acne treatment program never attempt to​ treat severe acne on​ your own or​ with an over the​ counter product without consulting a​ professional.
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