Using Goddess Oils To Balance The Chakras

Using Goddess Oils to​ ​ Balance the​ Chakras

Sometimes when you​ find an unbalanced or closed chakra,​ you​ can do some meditation or visualization to​ ​ help unblock the​ chakra. you​ want them spinning and aligned properly,​ but the​ stress of ​ life will get them out of ​ alignment. There are some oil blends that may help with this problem. you​ can mix these up by using 30 drops of ​ the​ specific oil to​ ​ half an ounce of ​ either Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil. you​ could also add these into the​ bath or add a​ ​ candle underneath and let them seep into the​ air around you. you​ should only use a​ ​ certain blend of ​ fragrances for about a​ ​ week. After that,​ your nose will become used to​ ​ the​ smell. Although you​ should see some improvement within the​ week.

The oils you​ can blend for each chakra are as​ follows:
Root: Yang Yang,​ Rosewood,​ Frankincense
Sacral: Jasmine
Solar Plexus: Lemon,​ Grapefruit,​ Mandarin
Heart: Rose,​ Geranium
Throat: Sandalwood,​ Myrrh,​ Chamomile
Third Eye: Sage,​ Lavender,​ Rosemary
Crown: Frankincense,​ Rosewood

Areas to​ ​ anoint with oils:
Root: Lower pelvic area,​ Buttocks Goddess: Hera Color: Red
Sacral: Lower back,​ pelvic area Goddess: Aphrodite Color: Orange
Solar Plexus: Underneath the​ rib cage Goddess: Persephone Color: Yellow
Heart: Chest area Goddess: Demeter Color: Green
Throat: Front and back of ​ neck Goddess: Athena Color: Blue
Third Eye: Between the​ eyes Goddess: Artemis Color: Indigo
Crown: Top of ​ the​ head Goddess: Hestia Color: White

After mixing and applying,​ you​ can chant the​ goddess' name and visualize the​ colors that go along with the​ chakras. Depending on​ the​ amount of ​ the​ blockage,​ it ​ will take from one to​ ​ seven days for it ​ to​ ​ open back up. Listen to​ ​ your intuition and pay attention to​ ​ your dreams. the​ answers you​ seek will be found within yourself.
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