Understanding Acne And Its Devastating Results

Understanding Acne and its Devastating Results
There are many days that get started off with a​ frightful scream or​ heartbreaking dismay from both men and women. the​ source of​ this shock and disappointment is​ an inflamed greasy and oily clogged up skin pore.

Acne is​ an unwelcome blemish on​ anyones face; it​ can be quite painful too. if​ left untreated,​ acne can leave an unpleasant scar on​ the​ face,​ neck or​ back. Unlike the​ common pimple,​ acne can be inflamed and possibly turn out to​ be infected.
Hormones that go into overdrive during the​ teen years of​ a​ person cause acne,​ they produce an excess of​ oil deposits in​ the​ glands resulting to​ this skin blemish. While they are not particularly life threatening or​ are they extremely painful and disturbing they can leave permanent scars in​ the​ affected area.

Acne usually happens around the​ teenage years,​ from 13 to​ 19,​ and usually disappears there after. Different people have different levels or​ seriousness of​ acne infection. These will all depend on​ the​ amount of​ oils and dirt the​ face has. While some have minor infections that can be treated by simply washing the​ affected area,​ there are those that necessitate the​ consultation of​ a​ dermatologist or​ a​ skin expert.

Acne may not seem to​ be a​ serious matter for some,​ but it​ is​ an infection that can greatly affect many. There are people with acne who locks themselves up in​ their rooms waiting for the​ acne to​ disappear. it​ is​ a​ serious blemish that they cannot show to​ the​ world. Every year,​ ointments and acne medication has estimated sales of​ over a​ hundred million dollars. This just shows how many people are dead serious in​ eliminating acne.
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