Types Of Acne Treatment Solutions For Your Skin

Treating your acne can be an​ overwhelming task what with all of​ the​ medications available these days. ​The​ best way to​ find treatment for​ your acne is​ to​ first learn about your skin . ​
There are 3 main skin types. ​ Knowing what type of​ skin you​ have is​ the​ first step to​ effectively controlling your acne . ​ If​ your skin is​ oily a​ gel product is​ best; if​ it​ is​ dry,​ you​ should choose a​ cream based product. ​ People with sensitive skin should choose products with lower concentrations of​ active ingredients . ​

It may be best to​ visit a​ dermatologist when choosing acne treatments . ​
With so many different factors affecting what causes acne and​ there are so many treatments to​ choose from you​ may feel more comfortable getting the​ help of​ a​ professional when making your decision . ​

If you​ would rather control acne your own way,​ understand that it​ is​ very important to​ read all labels and​ always,​ always use as​ directed . ​
as​ with all medications,​ educate yourself on​ any side effects or​ warnings . ​

Acne treatments are available in​ several different ways including
Prescription Medications
Creams and​ Gels
Facial Masks
Topical Treatments
OvertheCounter Treatments
Home Remedies

Prescription Medications
Oral antibiotics tablets,​ taken daily for​ around 3 months,​ can be prescribed for​ inflammatory acne . ​
These pills act to​ kill off the​ bacteria infecting the​ skin . ​
However,​ it​ may take four to​ six months for​ the​ benefits to​ be seen . ​
for​ women,​ a​ standard combined oral contraceptive pill containing an​ estrogen and​ a​ progestogen can improve acne symptoms . ​
Antibiotics do not prevent pores from becoming blocked so treatment to​ prevent blackheads,​ such as​ benzoyl peroxide,​ is​ often also prescribed at​ the​ same time . ​

Creams and​ Gels
Lotions that contain benzoyl peroxide dry out the​ skin and​ encourage it​ to​ shed the​ surface layer of​ dead skin . ​
Benzoyl peroxide also has an​ antibacterial action . ​
Together,​ these effects make it​ harder for​ pores to​ become blocked and​ for​ infection to​ develop . ​
When used as​ directed,​ these products can make a​ big difference to​ the​ overall appearance of​ your skin . ​

Facial Masks
Facial masks can be a​ great addition to​ your basic skin care regimen by offering extra deep cleaning and​ exfoliation to​ troubled skin . ​
Masks send a​ concentrated dose of​ proven acne fighters to​ your skin and​ deliver them deep down . ​
a​ good facial mask can act to​ keep even the​ most troubled skin clean and​ clear,​ reducing the​ frequency and​ severity of​ breakouts . ​

There are several benefits of​ using clay masks . ​
as​ a​ facial clay mask dries it​ tightens the​ skin,​ shrinks the​ pores and​ naturally pulls excess oils and​ impurities such as​ whiteheads and​ blackheads from your skin . ​

Topical Treatments
Topical antibiotics work by killing the​ Propionibacterium acne bacteria . ​
This helps reduce the​ small infections in​ the​ pores,​ and​ also indirectly keeps the​ pores open . ​

Over the​ counter Treatments
Over-the-counter remedies are available anywhere from your local pharmacy to​ the​ grocery store and​ are intended to​ treat mild to​ moderate acne . ​
These treatments include the​ creams and​ gels mentioned previously . ​

Home treatment
Its important to​ keep spot-prone areas clean,​ so wash the​ affected area twice a​ day with an​ unperfumed cleanser. ​
Never,​ ever pick a​ zit! This could lead to​ scarring as​ well as​ spread the​ infection. ​
No home treatments for​ acne will work immediately. ​
It​ can take weeks,​ if​ not months,​ for​ significant effects to​ be noticeable. ​
Never sleep in​ makeup and​ wash your face in​ the​ morning when you​ wake up and​ at​ night before you​ go to​ bed . ​
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