The Throat Brow And Crown Chakras

The Throat,​ Brow,​ and​ Crown Chakras
The Throat chakra correlates to​ that part of​ the​ mind that expresses and​ communicates. ​
it​ can be any form of​ communication that the​ person is​ comfortable doing Art,​ music,​ painting,​ sculpture,​ and​ poetry. ​
This chakra also encourages listening to​ ones own intuition and​ following the​ voice that leads you. ​
After a​ while,​ you​ will the​ Universe supporting you​ in​ all that you​ do. ​
Parts of​ the​ body associated with this chakra are throat,​ shoulders,​ arms,​ and​ hands. ​
the​ color associatedwith this chakra is​ Sky Blue.
The Brow chakra is​ associated with the​ spiritual view and​ the​ Being within. ​
This is​ also the​ unconscious mind that directs our actions and​ our life. ​
From here,​ we can become aware of​ the​ motivation behind our actions. ​
ESP is​ associated with this third eye chakra as​ well. ​
it​ is​ the​ set of​ all our inner senses integrating with our outer senses. ​
the​ element here is​ the​ Inner Sound. ​
This is​ listening to​ your own self without the​ outside physical world involved. ​
the​ color associated here is​ Lapis Lazuli.
The Crown chakra is​ mostly concerned with unity or​ separation issues. ​
This is​ our root with our father. ​
Not just our earthly father,​ but our Heavenly Father is​ included also. ​
if ​ there is​ tension in​ the​ head,​ that means that there is​ some form of​ tension in​ a​ specific part of​ the​ conscious mind. ​
The person may feel like they are hiding from everyone and​ not seeing what is​ truly in​ their soul. ​
This is​ the​ most hardest part to​ clarify. ​
Accepting the​ truth about ones situation can be mindreeling until that mind can take time to​ meditate on​ th issue and​ finally accept it. ​
if ​ doing what made all of​ us happy worked,​ it​ would be a​ great life. ​
the​ counter here is​ if ​ we continue to​ do something that makes us unhappy,​ it​ can become a​ matter of​ our health becoming worse. ​
the​ color that goes with this chakra is​ Violet.
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