The Root And Sacral Chakras

The Root and Sacral Chakras

The Root chakra correlates to​ ​ our survival,​ security,​ and trust. This deals with issues of ​ finance,​ shelter,​ and job. the​ person is​ ​ secure and grounded in​ ​ the​ here and now if ​ the​ chakra is​ ​ open. Insecurity and fear means the​ chakra is​ ​ blocked. the​ parts controlled by this chakra include the​ legs,​ the​ skeletal system,​ and elimination system. the​ color for this chakra is​ ​ red.
We also need to​ ​ find out what the​ symptoms are and when they started as​ this will take us back to​ ​ the​ original problem. This chakra is​ ​ also the​ one that keeps us grounded to​ ​ Mother Earth. it ​ also represents the​ relationship between us and our own mother. if ​ you​ were raised by a​ ​ loving mother,​ you​ should have a​ ​ clear and open chakra. But if ​ you​ were abused or neglected,​ this chakra will be blocked. Thus your relationship becomes a​ ​ model for security and home.
The Sacral chakra correlates to​ ​ the​ parts of ​ our minds that deal with food and sex. it ​ is​ ​ about what the​ body wants or needs,​ and what the​ body finds pleasurable. Parts controlled by this chakra include the​ reproductive system,​ the​ abdomen,​ stomach,​ spleen,​ skin,​ muscular system,​ the​ face muscles and the​ lumbar region in​ ​ the​ back. the​ color for this chakra is​ ​ orange.
Taste and the​ element of ​ water are associated with this chakra as​ well. if ​ someone does not have a​ ​ clear chakra,​ they may be afraid to​ ​ go out in​ ​ a​ ​ boat or go swimming. They may also have no appetite or enjoyment of ​ food as​ their taste will be bland. This goes back to​ ​ what this chakra controls in​ ​ the​ body. it ​ also is​ ​ key as​ to​ ​ whether the​ person is​ ​ willing to​ ​ feel their emotions or let them stay hidden inside. Then the​ digestive system will go awry. Everything has a​ ​ consequence once our chakras become unaligned.
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