Sahasrar Chakra And Brahmarandhra Centers Of Divine Powers

The human body (Microcosm) is​ said to​ be a​ small sample of​ the​ cosmos (Macrocosm). the​ entire body of​ a​ big tree is​ hidden in​ a​ tiny seed. in​ a​ small sperm lies the​ cast of​ the​ entire human body. the​ manner in​ which the​ mutual attraction and activities of​ the​ planets of​ the​ solar system are executed,​ can be seen albeit at​ a​ microlevel within the​ atomic family represented by electrons,​ neutrons etc. in​ the​ same way the​ entire cosmos can be seen in​ a​ microform within this small human body. Whatever is​ visible / invisible in​ this gigantic cosmos is​ present within this tiny human body. All the​ special characteristics of​ earth too are found in​ the​ human body.

All the​ energies,​ special qualities and glories of​ earth are found in​ the​ point of​ balance i.e. the​ North and South Poles. From here all movements /activities of​ earth are controlled. as​ a​ result this earth is​ an​ active ball and a​ playground for all creatures. if​ the​ North / South Poles lose their balance or​ they undergo some change,​ the​ entire earth will look like something totally different. it​ is​ said that even if​ a​ minor fist blow is​ executed on​ the​ point of​ center of​ balance in​ the​ 2 Poles,​ the​ earth will change its orbit by leaps and bounds. as​ a​ result this very nature of​ days,​ nights,​ seasons etc. will change and take up a​ new extreme form. Further this minor fist blow can induce earth to​ dash into other stars,​ galaxies etc. and thus get powdered to​ pulp. the​ cause is​ very clear. in​ that the​ 2 Poles control all the​ movements of​ earth. it​ is​ their energy centers that induce our earth to​ dance to​ its tunes like a​ puppet. All earthly activities are given the​ necessary capacity and inspiration to​ function aptly. the​ 2 Poles are the​ central points of​ earth’s activities and energy centers.

Just as​ the​ planet earth attains energy and activities from the​ 2 Poles,​ so too the​ human body has 2 Poles. the​ North Pole is​ Sahasrar Kamal in​ the​ Brahmarandhra (center of​ the​ brain). the​ South Pole is​ the​ Mooladahr Chakra of​ Kundalini or​ Divine Serpent Power center at​ the​ base of​ Sushumna (near the​ genitals). According to​ Indian Mythology,​ Lord Vishnu sleeps on​ Lord Shesha (1000 hooded serpent) in​ the​ Ksheersagar (ocean of​ nectar). This Ksheersagar is​ nothing but the​ intense white ocean of​ love in​ our brain. Sahasrar Kamal is​ that atom which instead of​ being round like other sheaths is​ like serrated teeth of​ a​ cog-wheel. These teeth are compared to​ the​ petals of​ a​ lotus. the​ central point of​ energy lies in​ this atomic Pole. This Vishnu Pole or​ Sahasrar Kamal (1000 petalled lotus in​ the​ brain) is​ the​ very basis of​ attainment of​ sensory and extrasensory knowledge pertaining to​ the​ innumerable conscious and unconscious units of​ the​ brain. This region is​ the​ central point of​ all spiritual practices like meditation / trance / self-reflection / Yoga of​ devotion alongwith will power,​ soul power and Sidhis attained due to​ a​ strong power of​ resolve (Sankalps).

The North Pole lies in​ the​ central point of​ the​ head called Sahasrar Chakra. in​ the​ center of​ the​ head is​ a​ subtle 1000 petalled lotus and is​ called the​ Sahasrar Chakra. Within it​ dwells divine energy or​ Shiva. it​ is​ over here that Kundalini or​ Divine Serpent Power rises from the​ South Pole to​ merge into Shiva in​ the​ North Pole. From this area all bodily movements are controlled just as​ a​ puppeteer seated behind a​ curtain,​ controls his puppets via mere finger movements. it​ is​ also called the​ region of​ the​ soul etc. All energies and its sub-categories that create movements in​ this gigantic cosmos are found situated around the​ Sahasrar.

Sacred scriptures say that Kundalini is​ the​ very life force of​ all energies and Sidhis. a​ person who activates the​ otherwise latent (sleeping) Divine Serpent Power becomes the​ Lord of​ infinite grandeur of​ this world. in​ India this has been discovered right since ancient times. There is​ no end or​ limit to​ the​ potency of​ Kundalini Shakti or​ Divine Serpent Power.

But activating the​ Kundalini is​ not the​ ultimate goal of​ a​ living being. the​ ultimate goal of​ all creatures is​ to​ attain salvation (Moksha) i.e. merging the​ individual ego into the​ cosmic soul (God). the​ aim of​ any human life is​ to​ merge into Brahman / God/ cosmic soul. Yoga and other spiritual practices are meant exactly for this purpose. the​ same holds true for Kundalini too. This has been commented upon in​ Hathayoga Pradeepika as​ follows –

“Just as​ a​ person tries to​ open the​ lock of​ a​ bolt,​ so too a​ Yogi finds the​ path of​ Sushumna via Kundalini based practices. He then enters Brahmaloka so as​ to​ attain salvation (Moksha).”

Only when a​ spiritual aspirant enters this Sahasrar Chakra,​ can he experience the​ joy of​ immortality,​ vision of​ the​ cosmos,​ control of​ cosmic powers and Samadhi or​ trance. the​ Brahmaloka mentioned in​ the​ above lines is​ nothing but the​ Sahasrar Chakra. it​ is​ very difficult to​ reach this Chakra. Majority of​ spiritual seekers get stuck in​ the​ lower Chakras and merge into the​ lower type of​ bliss that they get in​ that region. Hence Sidhis (extraordinary powers) attained during preliminary Kundalini awakening are said to​ be obstacles. Just as​ a​ man thinks the​ material world to​ be the​ ultimate goal of​ life because of​ having immense wealth,​ grandeur and a​ beautiful wife,​ so too a​ person who activates his Divine Serpent Power thinks that Sidhis like hearing far off words,​ seeing far off objects,​ knowing other people’s thoughts,​ predicting the​ future accurately etc. attained while activating the​ lower Chakras,​ is​ the​ be all and end all of​ life. Thus he totally loses sight of​ the​ supreme goal of​ rising upto the​ last Chakra i.e. Sahasrar and merging into it.

Even if​ a​ person reaches the​ Sahasrar Chakra,​ he cannot dwell in​ this region for a​ great length of​ time. How long can a​ spiritual seeker dwell in​ the​ Sahasrar Chakra? This depends on​ the​ nature of​ spiritual practice which he follows and how much inner spiritual energy he possesses. Many spiritual seekers dwell in​ the​ Sahasrar Chakra for a​ certain length of​ time and then get demoted into lower Chakras and their levels of​ lower bliss. But he,​ who steadfastly “ripens” his Sahasrar Chakra,​ attains the​ omnipotent Lord and thus experiences infinite bliss eternally.

The Sahasrar Chakra lies 2 inches within the​ ears and 3 inches within the​ eyebrows. Its form is​ that of​ a​ ball of​ light in​ the​ hollow portion of​ the​ upper region of​ an​ opening called “Mahavivar” of​ the​ brain area. Via the​ process of​ Divine Serpent Power awakening,​ this Mahavivar opening has to​ be widened so as​ to​ enter the​ state of​ divinity. Hence it​ is​ called the​ “10th door” or​ Brahmarandhra too. in​ the​ Dhyanbindupanishad it​ is​ said that –

“A Yogi is​ one who knows the​ light akin to​ a​ jewel in​ the​ brain. That jewel akin to​ 7 golds that is​ lit up by an​ electrical like stream,​ is​ found in​ the​ lower region of​ Meru and 4 fingers above the​ fire region. it​ seeks shelter in​ the​ Svadhishthan Chakra and is​ subtle sound manifest”

The scriptures while describing the​ powers attained in​ reaching this region say –

“Such a​ person knows the​ ultimate knowledge,​ he becomes omniscient (i.e. knower of​ past,​ present and future) and can do anything he wishes. He may perform any action,​ yet no sin accrues. None can gain victory over such a​ person.”

In one way Brahmarandhra is​ the​ head office of​ a​ creature. it​ is​ a​ laboratory which helps us attain whatever we see in​ this visible world and all those things which are beyond our knowledge. According to​ Indian philosophy over here there are such rare auras of​ light made up of​ 17 principles which cannot be seen in​ the​ visible world with our gross eyes. All nervous elements and air tubicles come out from this area and spread out into the​ entire body. the​ Creator seated in​ this white lotus,​ sends and receives orders and messages from any part of​ the​ body via any nerve. He can create movements in​ any area. He can clean and create a​ rain of​ vital force in​ any area without any technological paraphernalia which we limited creatures can never even dream of​ doing. All this takes place because of​ emission,​ contraction and relaxation of​ auras of​ light. it​ is​ this ball of​ light that induces the​ nose to​ smell,​ the​ ears to​ hear,​ the​ eyes to​ see,​ the​ tongue to​ taste and speak. This ball of​ light is​ under the​ direct jurisdiction of​ Almighty God dwelling in​ the​ Sahasrar Chakra. in​ the​ initial stages of​ meditation,​ this light is​ seen either as​ glow-worms,​ twinkling stars,​ shining petals or​ half/ full moon. Slowly and steadily its divine nature is​ experienced. as​ a​ result the​ gross sense organs become lax and the​ working arena of​ the​ soul shines brilliantly in​ the​ entire world. an​ ordinary individual can worry only about his immediate family members. But a​ Yogi enfolds the​ entire world in​ the​ embrace of​ his soul and extends upto other Lokas (worlds) too. He also has to​ ascertain whether there is​ any imbalance in​ the​ movements of​ planets,​ galaxies etc. in​ a​ gross manner denizens of​ our planet earth too are influenced by these activities. Hence even unknowingly such a​ spiritual seeker,​ who enters the​ state of​ Godhood,​ can work only for the​ well-being of​ all creatures of​ the​ cosmos. Whatever rights and omnipotency is​ attained by such a​ great soul is​ taken up as​ a​ gigantic responsibility by him. He may seem to​ be having a​ human body yet he has no body consciousness at​ all. He knows everything. He sees and hears everything and can predict future events very accurately.

The substratums of​ the​ Intellectual Sheath and Mental Sheath viz. the​ intellect and mind dwell in​ this region. They unearth news of​ objects lying far away or​ those beyond the​ ken of​ the​ sense organs of​ knowledge. When one’s soul resolve progresses into the​ intellectual arena after leaving the​ mental arena,​ one attains divine wisdom. it​ comes out from the​ Ajna Chakra so as​ to​ unite with the​ different types of​ rays of​ the​ cosmos and thus attains its knowledge. Just as​ with the​ help pf electrical waves,​ space shuttles can be directed to​ the​ right or​ left of​ planet earth (called traversing),​ just as​ with the​ help of​ a​ television you​ can see scenes of​ far off places so too man can see scenes in​ my part of​ the​ world or​ obstruct one’s cosmic movement with the​ help of​ the​ rays of​ his resolve (Sankalpa). in​ the​ Mundak Upanishad (Chapter 2) and Chandogya Upanishad (Chapter 9) details of​ this self-realization have been given as​ follows –

“A self realized saint subtly experiences that God without Kalas (divisions) in​ the​ form of​ a​ light that is​ whiter than white and is​ present in​ the​ Golden Sheath.”

Many forms of​ Sahasrar based spiritual practices like Pratyahar (disallowing sense organs to​ contact their respective objects),​ Dharana (focusing of​ mind),​ Dhyan (meditation) and Samadhi (trance) have been put forth as​ studies. a​ description has been given about the​ good results attained due to​ their successful execution. the​ deep import of​ the​ success of​ that region has been given in​ the​ form of​ material and spiritual progress.

Today even modern scientists accept that there are extraordinary energy centers in​ the​ brain. According to​ research studies conducted by the​ brain specialist Smithy,​ a​ pure intellect is​ controlled by different centres of​ the​ human brain. it​ is​ a​ production of​ a​ cooperative endeavour of​ all of​ them. This is​ the​ gist (region) which creates a​ human character and nourishes it. a​ mental level is​ created by memory,​ analysis,​ synthesis,​ selectivity etc. Where does its admixture and production take place? This has not been aptly deduced yet it​ is​ clear that this area should be in​ the​ cerebellum part of​ the​ brain. This is​ that very sensitive spot which if​ undergoes ripening,​ can induce advancement of​ one’s inner personality. Spiritual seers of​ yore had discovered this center and had named it​ Sahasrar.

While deeply analyzing the​ brain so many layers are discovered which not only help us think but also creates our very character. This region of​ special capabilities is​ the​ “Frontal lobe”. in​ it​ one discovers man’s personality,​ imagination power,​ ambitions,​ social behaviour,​ experiences,​ sensations and other important functions. it​ is​ not possible to​ influence this area by medicines or​ surgery. Only those spiritual practices like Dhyan (meditation),​ Dharana (Concentration) etc. can be made use of​ which is​ a​ part of​ Kundalini i.e Divine Serpent Power awakening.

In the​ above paragraphs we have merely made a​ minor reference of​ only one center of​ the​ brain. Yet it​ is​ well-known that the​ brain abounds with infinite mysterious powers. the​ conclusions drawn by today’s modern scientists specializing in​ brain research,​ is​ very much in​ tandem with the​ discoveries of​ ancient Indian seers.

From a​ grosser type of​ classification,​ the​ brain can be categorized into 5 parts 1) Cerebrum 2) Cerebellum 3) Mid-brain 4) Pons 5) Medulla Oblongata. the​ last three parts that is​ mid-brain,​ pons and medulla oblongata together form a​ single unit called the​ “brain stem.”

According to​ Spiritual Sciences,​ 0.33 billion demigods dwell in​ heaven represented by the​ brain. But 5 of​ them are chief representatives. All of​ these control various divine centers. the​ 5 regions of​ the​ brain listed above can be said to​ be the​ region of​ the​ 5 demi-gods. With their help the​ 5 energies of​ the​ 5 sheaths are produced and controlled. the​ 5-fold spiritual practices of​ Gayatri help evolve these 5 in​ unison. as​ a​ result a​ creature dwelling in​ Brahmaloka or​ heaven,​ experiences a​ heavenly atmosphere.

So far our discussion revolved around a​ certain type of​ classification. Many scholars right since ancient times have been describing this very fact albeit in​ various ways. Even today this type of​ discussion continues. This one single precept pertaining to​ the​ classification of​ the​ brain and Sahasrar Chakra are described in​ various ways.

The Sahasrar Chakra is​ also called the​ “pot of​ nectar”. it​ is​ said that Som juice emanates from it. the​ demi-gods drink this nectar and become immortal.

According to​ modern brain anatomy,​ the​ brain is​ filled with a​ special “Cerebro-spinal fluid.” This fluid nourishes and protects the​ various centers of​ the​ brain. it​ drips from the​ brain’s membrane and is​ absorbed by various centers of​ the​ brain and the​ Sushumna (subtle spinal nerve).

The “pot of​ nectar” has 16 coverings. in​ the​ same way at​ certain places the​ Sahasrar is​ said to​ have 16 petals. These are nothing but 16 important centers of​ the​ brain. the​ Shiva Samhita too says that the​ Sahasrar Kamal has petals.

“One should meditate on​ the​ Sahasrar Chakra made of​ 16 Kalas situated in​ the​ centre of​ the​ brain and which shines like the​ moon.”


These 16 Kalas of​ the​ Sahasrar are the​ 16 points of​ the​ brain related to​ the​ cerebrospinal fluid. if​ the​ previously 5 grossly classified parts of​ the​ brain are classified more minutely,​ they will add upto 16 in​ number as​ follows –

1) Cerebrum 2) Cerebellum 3) Medula Oblongata 4) Pons 5) Mid brain 6) Corpus Colosum 7) Corpus Stratum 8) Pituitary Gland 9) Pineal gland 10) Thalamus 11) Hypothalamus 12) Subthalamus 13) Metathalamus 14) Epithalamus 15) Corad plexuses 16) Ventrilces.

All these above parts have centers full of​ ESP (Extra Sensory Potential) that control the​ body. By activating the​ pot of​ nectar of​ Sahasrar,​ we can make the​ brain more active and thus attain extraordinary benefits. the​ scriptures have clearly said –

“Due to​ activation of​ the​ Sahasrar Kamal,​ a​ Yogi’s psyche becomes equipoised and thus merges into his soul. He overcomes bondage of​ the​ material world. He is​ full of​ all-round potential. He moves freely everywhere and his speech becomes nectarine.”


“One must meditate on​ the​ Ksheersagar ocean in​ the​ core of​ the​ forehead and on​ the​ moon-like light in​ the​ Sahasrar Kamal (1000 petalled lotus).”


“That Yogi who continuously drinks the​ nectar emitted by the​ Sahasrar Kamal can bring in​ a​ law to​ ‘kill death’. Meaning death is​ no longer death for him because he lives a​ life that has gone beyond death. it​ is​ in​ the​ Sahasrar region that Kundalini merges itself. at​ that time the​ 4 types of​ creation merge into God and everything becomes Godlike.”


“That Soma juice of​ Sahasrar Kamal which purifies Richas,​ Samveda,​ Yajurved,​ Brahmanas,​ may it​ purify me too.”


What exactly is​ the​ Sahasrar? This answer according to​ anatomists is​ that the​ electrical onrush from the​ center of​ the​ brain which controls bodily movement does not get emitted from a​ substratum but that a​ special center is​ responsible for it. This is​ not man’s own creation but is​ a​ divine blessing. the​ liver,​ heart and other organs function as​ a​ result of​ this energy attained from a​ divine center. the​ blood nourishes various bodily organs and it​ is​ a​ fact. it​ is​ also true that the​ lungs are responsible for respiration and the​ stomach for digestion. Yet the​ question arises that when these organs carry out various tasks,​ where do they get the​ necessary energy to​ do so? it​ is​ not correct to​ say that respiration,​ digestion etc. give us the​ energy to​ survive because if​ this were to​ be true,​ man could only die because of​ hunger or​ choking of​ breath.

This electrical onrush continuously gets emitted in​ spurts in​ the​ central region of​ the​ brain. it​ can be said to​ be an​ extraordinary electrical spring. From there a​ fire-worklike light is​ emitted in​ spurts. the​ heart experiences such rests in​ between heart-beats. There is​ a​ rise and fall even in​ wave-flows of​ heat,​ sound etc. the​ same holds true for the​ activities of​ the​ fount of​ energy in​ the​ central point of​ the​ brain. Scientists opine that the​ energy spurts are the​ main basis of​ the​ activities of​ various centers of​ the​ brain. This very principle has been elucidated by Indian Yogic scriptures in​ their own way.

“In the​ center of​ the​ brain is​ a​ jewel-like light. From that,​ electrical streams are emitted akin to​ heated gold. He is​ a​ true Yogi who understands this mystery.”


“The light of​ Brahman (God) dwells in​ the​ Brahmarandhra as​ fire. it​ purifies our spiritual practice. This it​ self is​ fire of​ Yoga.”


This brain dwelling energy fount can be called Sahasrar Chakra according to​ anatomical sciences. “Sahastra” means 1000 but here it​ means infinite. the​ Lord is​ said to​ have 1000 heads,​ 1000 legs etc. the​ sparks of​ energy emitted from the​ brain fount are not 1000 in​ number but are infinite in​ number. the​ number of​ drops of​ that shower is​ not 1000 only but connotes infinite number of​ drops. on​ the​ basis of​ this description this “1000” is​ the​ fount of​ energy called Sahasrar.

Today’s modern science accepts that infinite streams of​ electricity flow from the​ brain. as​ per requirements those streams flow in​ infinite special nerves in​ infinite directions. Based on​ each one’s function,​ scientists have classified these nerves into various categories. For example,​ Ascending Reticular Activating System,​ Descending Reticular Activating System,​ Specific Thalamic Projection,​ Defused Thalamic Projection and Brain Stem Reticular Formation. From the​ standpoint of​ Yoga,​ the​ combined influence of​ the​ above systems can be seen in​ the​ form of​ thousands of​ streams of​ electrical onrushes in​ the​ brain.

This is​ the​ very basis of​ the​ Sahasrar Kamal (1000 petalled lotus) and Lord Shesha (1000 hooded serpent). the​ form of​ Lord Vishnu sleeping on​ Lord Shesha abounding with Kundalini Shakti in​ the​ midst of​ the​ Ksheersagar or​ Brahmaloka,​ is​ meant for understanding the​ state of​ Sahasrar. Ksheersagar means marrow of​ the​ brain. the​ coiled 1000 hooded serpent means the​ teeth of​ the​ axle of​ Sahasrar Chakra. a​ wheel of​ a​ cart too has an​ axle. the​ Lord’s Sudershan Chakra (disc weapon) too has teeth. Thus Sahasrar can be correlated to​ the​ abovementioned details.

The Sahasrar has been compared to​ the​ sun (1000 rays) too. it​ is​ the​ energy that lights up the​ solar system and induces various activities in​ them. Every unit of​ human existence is​ influenced by the​ brain energy. Hence if​ the​ sun is​ said to​ be the​ presiding deity of​ the​ ball called Bhuloka (earth),​ it​ definitely is​ apt. the​ divine existence of​ Sahasrar has been compared to​ the​ sun –

“O Deveshi! Within the​ stalk of​ the​ great lotus Sahasrar dwells the​ soul akin to​ Mercury. Although it​ radiates likes crores of​ suns,​ yet during emotions it​ is​ comparable to​ crores of​ moons. This supreme material is​ extremely grand and oozes with the​ Divine Serpent Power.”


“This sun is​ nothing but the​ divine principle and its material symbol is​ the​ material sun.”

- YAJURVEDA (23/48)

“Your indwelling nectar is​ one who is​ the​ indweller in​ the​ sun whom the​ sun does not know,​ whose body is​ the​ sun and who controls the​ sun by dwelling within the​ sun.”


Just as​ our solar system gets energy from the​ sun,​ in​ the​ same way the​ brain gets the​ necessary capacity for various functions from the​ energy source of​ Sahasrar Kamal. Many machines are used in​ mills,​ factories etc. These machines are attached to​ motors,​ transmitting electricity. When the​ motor functions,​ it​ transmits energy to​ the​ machine. But the​ electricity does not belong to​ the​ motor. it​ comes from another source. the​ brain is​ our motor and the​ bodily organs are small / big machines. the​ energy required for smooth functioning of​ mills,​ factories etc. comes from somewhere else. it​ is​ akin to​ the​ flow of​ grace attained by earth from its polar regions. This is​ a​ gift of​ interplanetary energy. a​ man is​ free and the​ author of​ his own destiny. Yet the​ energy that creates man’s inner personality is​ said to​ be divine grace. the​ moment this stream of​ energy is​ obstructed,​ man dies instantly. Even if​ the​ heartbeats have stopped completely yet via artificial means it​ can be re-activated. But the​ moment the​ electrical onrush of​ Sahasrar stops,​ know for sure that this is​ ultimate death. Despite the​ fittings of​ a​ bulb being appropriate,​ if​ the​ electrical connection is​ cut off,​ we face darkness. Despite the​ bodily organs being healthy,​ if​ the​ brain energy flow stops,​ we cannot remain alive.

Grossly we may describe birth and death of​ creatures in​ a​ certain manner,​ yet according to​ subtle sciences like Yoga,​ birth and death are totally dependent on​ the​ activities of​ Sahasrar Chakra. This is​ not the​ end of​ the​ discussion because a​ lot more follows hereafter. Sahasrar is​ not merely the​ source of​ life but it​ is​ from here that the​ nature of​ one’s character and level is​ charted out and determined. Even a​ little extra tilt,​ will change the​ course of​ flow of​ rain. When a​ particular form of​ slant that induces rain water to​ enter a​ particular river is​ changed,​ this rain water will enter another totally different river. at​ the​ beginning of​ the​ slant there was a​ difference of​ only a​ few inches yet when the​ rain water enters a​ totally new river,​ the​ difference in​ number of​ miles of​ area covered amounts to​ thousands. Many trains standing in​ queue at​ a​ railway junction travel in​ different directions because of​ change of​ levers. the​ changed levers are separated by the​ few inches only yet the​ trains that travel in​ different directions are separated by thousands of​ miles. the​ same holds true for the​ Sahasrar Chakra. in​ that,​ even an​ infinitesimal change in​ the​ Sahasrar,​ can induce amazing transformations; both within and without.

For a​ modern scientist even to​ think of​ reduction / addition in​ the​ grants given by interplanetary space to​ earth,​ means facing fearful worries and turmoil. Even a​ mere thought of​ taking one step in​ this direction,​ induces jitters in​ their minds. Even a​ slight bit of​ topsy-turvying can induce massive destruction. as​ against this if​ some conducive solutions are found it​ will greatly benefit all denizens of​ earth. Thus we can become lords of​ unimaginable comforts. Today scientists refuse to​ take big steps in​ this direction because of​ lack of​ knowledge. They have merely taken minor steps in​ conducting research on​ the​ earth’s polar region. They have yet not found the​ earth’s axis and nor have they made serious efforts in​ this direction.

But no such danger is​ encountered when we talk of​ the​ Sahasrar which is​ the​ axis of​ the​ brain situated in​ the​ polar region of​ the​ human body. Material / worldly energy is​ like a​ demon. Even minor misuse of​ electricity,​ fire etc. can kill many people. as​ against this no major calamity comes in​ the​ way in​ the​ relationship of​ a​ body and its doting mother. This is​ the​ material difference between soul consciousness and material consciousness. Sahasrar is​ a​ center of​ union of​ the​ individual soul and cosmic soul i.e. God. This is​ a​ consciousness based give and take. Within it​ overflow high leveled sentiments. the​ nature of​ spiritual practices has been conjoined to​ the​ wealth of​ good-will. This divine grace of​ greatness overflows from it.

The Sahasrar Chakra is​ related to​ the​ Brahmarandhra. Brahmarandhra is​ the​ 10th door. the​ 9 doors are the​ 2 nostrils,​ 2 ears,​ 2 eyes,​ 1 mouth and 2 openings of​ faeces and urine. the​ 10th door is​ Brahmarandhra. Great Yogis give up their life by passing through this 10th door. the​ very reason behind which the​ “Kapal Kriya’ (rite) is​ carries out after death,​ is​ that even if​ a​ bit of​ vital force has remained behind,​ it​ should pass out from this 10th door and thus induced go to​ a​ higher state.

A newborn baby has a​ bit of​ a​ hollow space in​ the​ center of​ the​ scalp. in​ it​ there is​ a​ tissue instead of​ bone. it​ is​ situated between the​ parietal and acivital bones. as​ the​ body grows the​ bones too augment in​ size and cover the​ above mentioned hollow region. the​ Yogic scriptures say that divinity or​ cosmic consciousness enters the​ human body through this hollow region.

From the​ standpoint of​ bodily design,​ this region is​ not merely made up of​ bones because below its frontal area there are other principles. There is​ also the​ cerebral cortex beneath the​ bones of​ our forehead that covers the​ brain region. Within it​ are carvings akin to​ those seen when a​ farmer ploughs his field. Thus it​ categorizes the​ brain into various parts. These parts are called sulks. the​ cortex is​ partitioned lengthwise by the​ longitudinal fissure and breadthwise it​ is​ called central cortex. the​ crossing or​ point of​ union of​ both these corresponds to​ the​ Brahmarandhra of​ Indian Yogic scriptures. in​ front of​ this Brahmarandhra,​ lies the​ most mysterious gland in​ the​ upper region of​ the​ brain called the​ Pineal Gland.

This Brahmarandhra is​ a​ very special doorway for the​ individual’s bodily soul to​ establish a​ bond with the​ cosmic soul (God). Great Yogis give up their life force through this very doorway at​ the​ time of​ death. Thus they merge into the​ cosmic soul or​ God. it​ is​ very clear that while their bodies are alive the​ Brahmarandhra of​ great Yogis execute tasks of​ give and take of​ divine experiences and divine powers via the​ medium of​ Sahasrar Chakra of​ the​ brain. the​ Sahasrar Chakra and Brahmarandhra work in​ tandem like a​ unit. Thus in​ Yogic practices they are influenced and utilized in​ unison.
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