Opening The Chakras

Opening the​ Chakras

If you​ don't want to​ ​ go to​ ​ a​ ​ Reiki Master to​ ​ get assistance with opening your chakras,​ there are some meditations (sometimes called Mudras) that you​ can try at home. They have special hand positions,​ and the​ power to​ ​ send more energy to​ ​ the​ ailing chakra. the​ sounds are chanted three to​ ​ four times as​ you​ do a​ ​ meditation for eight to​ ​ ten breaths.
To open the​ Root chakra,​ the​ tips of ​ your thumb and index finger should touch on​ both hands. Concentrate on​ the​ base of ​ the​ spine. Chant the​ LAM sound.
To open the​ Sacral chakra,​ place your hands in​ ​ your lap on​ top of ​ each other with the​ palms up. the​ left hand should be under the​ right. the​ tips of ​ the​ thumbs should be touching. Concentrating on​ the​ sacral bone in​ ​ the​ back,​ chant the​ VAM sound.
To open the​ Solar Plexus chakra,​ place your hands in​ ​ front of ​ your stomach,​ below the​ ribcage. the​ fingers should join at the​ top,​ and point away from you. Cross the​ thumbs and straighten the​ fingers. Concentrate on​ the​ Solar Plexus chakra and chant the​ RAM sound.
To open the​ Heart chakra,​ you​ must sit cross legged. the​ tips of ​ your index finger and thumbs should be touching on​ both hands. Place your left hand on​ your left knee and the​ right hand in​ ​ front of ​ the​ lowest part of ​ the​ sternum. Concentrating on​ the​ heart chakra,​ chant the​ YAM sound.
To open the​ Throat chakra,​ cross your fingers inside your hands,​ no thumbs. the​ thumbs should touch at the​ top slightly pulled up. Concentrate on​ the​ Throat chakra and chant the​ HAM sound.
To open the​ Brow Chakra,​ place your hands on​ the​ lower part of ​ the​ ribcage. the​ middle fngers should be straight with the​ tops touching,​The thumbs point towards you​ with the​ tops touching. Concentrate on​ the​ Third Eye chakra and chant the​ OM sound.
To open the​ Crown chakra,​ place your hands near your stomach. the​ ring fingers should point upwards. Cross fingers with left thumb under he right one. Concentrate on​ the​ Crown chakra while chanting the​ NG sound.
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