My Acne Facts And Conclusions The Real Cause

My Acne Facts and Conclusions the​ Real Cause
Fifteen years of​ treating acne with almost every available topical and oral solutions,​different treatments,​without success,​ enforced me to​ search for a​ direct cause of​ acne.
My facts and conclusions
1. Hormones are chemical substances ,​which regulate ALL functions in​ human body they tell organs and cells what to​ do
2. in​ human body exist various hormones,​but for acne,​we are interested in​ testosterone androgen
3. the​ most active androgens are testosterone,​ precisely 5testosterone DHT and they control SEBUM production. Too much of​ Sebum leads to​ acne formation. Why we have no acne before puberty? Simply because testosterone formation begins in​ puberty.
4. Other hormones can also aggravate acne,​ but they are not direct cause. ExampleStress situations,​when our body produce hormone called glucocorticosteroids.
5. DIRECT cause of​ Acne is​ not food,​stress,​ poor hygiene,​vitamins and bacteries on​ our skin. Bacteries are just last player in​ our story. Even hormones are not direct cause.
Direct cause of​ Acne is​ HORMONAL IMBALANCE on​ the​ first place,​ and toxins in​ our body on​ the​ second place.
This is​ my list of​ main acne causes
Complex Mix of​ causes of​ Prostaglandin insufficiency > insufficiency of​ Prostaglandins > Hormonal imbalance > Liver can not remove all those hormones and send it​ to​ the​ skin > Acne
As you​ can see,​liver health is​ very important.
What the​ hell is​ prostaglandin,​you ask? the​ messengers,​ or​ communicators between the​ cells and the​ hormones are called Prostaglandins and without them there will be no communication between the​ cells and your hormones. When there is​ no communication,​ hormones will be out of​ balance. Prostaglandins are biochemicals that communicate with hormones and cells and trigger cells into action. Prostaglandins work inside the​ cells and help regulate the​ function of​ cells and organs through the​ communication of​ cells and hormones. Prostaglandins make sure your androgen hormones are in​ balance,​ as​ they regulate your hormones so that just the​ right amount of​ sebum will be produced by your skin oil glands and thus prevent excess amounts of​ sebum production that leads to​ acne.
6. Why there is​ no sufficient number of​ prostaglandins in​ our bodies? Because we have no enough of​ GLA gammalinnolenic acid ,​ which is​ main precursor of​ prostaglandins. GLA is​ a​ special fatty acid from which the​ body can produce Prostaglandins. GLA is​ made from LALinolenic Acid,​ which we take through the​ various food. Main problem is​ inability of​ our body to​ convert LA to​ GLA ,​because of​ stress. bad habits,​foods,​alcohol,​lack of​ vitamins etc. if​ we have no enough GLA ,​our body can not produce prostaglandins,​which regulate hormones.
7. What’s happening when we are out of​ prostaglandins? Hormonal imbalance! if​ there is​ an overload of​ hormones in​ your body,​ the​ liver can have problems removing them. Liver sends overbalanced hormones our skin in​ form of​ ACNE! So,​Strong Liver is​ a​ must for all acne sufferers!
8. So,​what is​ the​ final solution for Acne? Answer is​ Restoration of​ Hormonal balance and making your liver stronger. This can not be done with topical and oral ​Drug​s. it​ can be done with HERBS and their extracts in​ form of​ tablets. GLA is​ main ingredient of​ Omega 6 fatty acid. it​ is​ best absorbed together with other fatty acids EPA and DHA.
Source Naturals ArcticPure EFA Fish Oil Contains Essential fatty acids EPA,​ DHA,​ and GLA
Evening primrose oil is​ an oil rich in​ essential fatty acids ,​ polyunsaturated fats that are as​ essential as​ vitamins and minerals for the​ maintenance of​ good health. the​ oil contains 74 percent linolenic acid LA and 810 percent gamma linolenic acid GLA. Although other oils such as​ borage oil and black currant oil contain higher amounts of​ GLA,​ evening primrose oil is​ by far the​ most popular and familiar source of​ this fatty acid.
Some herbs make your liver stronger. Milk Thistle is​ best known. more on​ this topic on​ my blog
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