Jasmine Essential Oil For Aromatherapy

Jasmine Essential Oil For Aromatherapy
A sturdy evergreen shrub of​ bright green leaves with white star shaped flowers,​ Jasmine with sweet and floral aroma,​ native of​ Asia and Africa is​ one of​ the​ oldest and widely used scented flower.
Jasmine flower blooms only at​ night hence they hand picked at​ night time only. Being the​ most delicate and extremely fragile,​ jasmine essential oil is​ steam distilled from its flowers. Huge quantities of​ jasmine petals are required to​ prepare one ounce of​ essential oil,​ hence is​ rare,​ extremely valuable and highly sought after oil.
Jasmine is​ preferred for its powerful characteristics that assist the​ body as​ an anti depressant,​ an aphrodisiac and confidence boosting qualities. the​ Chinese drink jasmine tea daily and use it​ to​ cleanse the​ air in​ sick rooms while Egyptians use it​ to​ relieve nervous disorders,​ insomnia and headaches.
Jasmine known to​ have aphrodisiac powers was used in​ different cultures in​ various ceremonies. the​ sensuously rich and exotic aroma of​ jasmine based massage oil can certainly be relied upon to​ evoke a​ romantic mood.
Jasmine oil despite being expensive is​ worthy for the​ skin. it​ encourages cell growth; increases skin elasticity and aids in​ healing minor to​ moderate burns. it​ is​ especially effective for people suffering from symptoms of​ apathy and fatigue as​ it​ helps in​ reducing fears. it​ also helps with muscle spasm and sprains.
Jasmine with its many healing properties acts as​ an antiseptic,​ antiinflammatory agent and a​ sedative. it​ is​ considered as​ base oil for blending with other essential oil. When blended with herbs like Clary sage,​ geranium,​ lemon balm,​ rose,​ rosewood and sandalwood,​ it​ promotes the​ body’s natural way of​ healing,​ making it​ indispensable in​ the​ world of​ aromatherapy.
Jasmine essential oil when massaged on​ the​ abdomen during the​ later stages of​ labour strengthens uterine contractions and relieves pain.
For stimulating bath oil,​ try this oil 1/2 cup soy oil,​ 5 drops of​ jasmine essential oil,​ 3 drops of​ juniper essential oil and content from 4 5 vitamin E capsules.
Indulge your self with a​ massage,​ blend the​ following ingredients well 8 tsp grape seed oil,​ 6 drops of​ jasmine essential oil,​ 2 drops each of​ tea tree oil and neroli oil. Before application warm the​ oil.
To create soothing and refreshing hair oil for scalp,​ blend 2 drops rosemary,​ 2 drops lavender,​ 2 drops clary sage,​ and 2 drops jasmine absolute to​ 1/2 ounce base oil.
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