Is Light Therapy An Effective Acne Treatment

Is Light Therapy an Effective Acne Treatment?
Light therapy is​ a​ great blessing to​ those that have extreme cases of​ acne,​ as​ they are very successful in​ treating the​ condition without costly medications. the​ improvement of​ the​ treatment of​ chronic acne can change a​ persons life for the​ better. Selfesteem is​ raised and general well being is​ increased. Depression is​ lessened as​ confidence soars with the​ clearing of​ the​ acne infected area.
Light wave therapy uses a​ high intensity blue light. This light kills the​ bacteria causing the​ acne and may help dry up the​ excess oil that is​ a​ large part of​ the​ acne problem. it​ doesnt damage the​ skin as​ ultraviolet light can. Laser light waves target two factors that cause acne.
1 They use heat to​ damage the​ oil glands that pour out excessive oil
2 They work on​ the​ bacteria that is​ present in​ the​ pores that cause pimples,​ whiteheads,​ and blackheads. These treatments cause a​ minimum of​ pain and discomfort and promote regeneration of​ new skin,​ which is​ useful to​ treat scarring.
Light therapy for acne is​ effective to​ reduce scarring and to​ treat the​ active acne as​ well. Light laser therapy is​ a​ localized treatment,​ safe,​ and has no adverse side affects. Its been shown to​ be as​ effective on​ acne problems that other medications and treatment have not done.
A sample study of​ 30 patients was made who suffered moderate to​ mild acne. They were placed in​ a​ clinical trial and within three months,​ they had significant decrease in​ their acne outbreaks.
The treatment consists of​ the​ affected area to​ short bursts of​ light called pulse dye laser therapy. Initially used to​ combat wrinkles it​ stimulated the​ production of​ collagen. it​ also was used to​ combat scars from severe cases of​ acne. Doctors were brought in​ to​ look at​ the​ clinical evidence and agreed that light treatment was successful in​ treating live acne. a​ study that was recently published states that a​ single session of​ five minutes can have an effect on​ acne for up to​ twelve months.
Patients that took part in​ the​ study lost over 70 percent of​ their acne. One patients spots disappeared completely. the​ treatment is​ being widely used in​ private clinics and started out to​ be costly. as​ with all new technologies,​ the​ price has come down and more professionals are using light therapy in​ treatments for their patients.
One patient stated the​ treatments only take about five minutes,​ and with each treatment her acne was much less visible. Another benefit of​ using laser light therapy is​ that is​ doesnt cause any discoloration of​ the​ patients skin. Treatment sessions can last from 5 to​ 20 and the​ patient experiences a​ slight stinging sensation while undergoing treatment. a​ topical anesthetic can be applied before the​ treatment and the​ application of​ ice was used after the​ treatment.
Light therapy is​ still in​ its infancy and has only been used in​ the​ last few years. More work is​ needed to​ reconfirm any clinical benefits. Imagine the​ impact on​ those individuals in​ economical terms. Instead of​ continuing ​Drug​ treatment,​ occasional light therapy treatments can be a​ big help who have moderate cases of​ acne.
If you​ or​ someone you​ love were afflicted with moderate to​ severe cases of​ acne,​ it​ would be worthwhile to​ look into light treatment. Its noninvasive and works in​ a​ shorter time than topical ointments and antibiotics. This may be the​ best thing to​ happen for acne sufferers in​ a​ long time!
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