How To Create An Advertisement To Promote Your Cleaning Business

How to​ Create an Advertisement to​ Promote Your Cleaning Business
Although you​ may not be a​ marketing guru,​ advertising can get your cleaning company noticed by potential customers. But before you​ spend any of​ your advertising dollars,​ decide on​ your target market. Finding your particular niche and directing your ad dollars to​ that area will be the​ most effective way to​ get clients calling and asking about your services and hopefully signing on​ as​ new customers.
Start by setting an advertising budget. a​ general rule of​ thumb is​ to​ dedicate two to​ five percent of​ your expected gross sales to​ advertising. if​ you​ are expecting $150,​000 in​ gross sales,​ set aside $3000 to​ $7500 for advertising. if​ you​ are just starting your cleaning business this may not be enough. you​ may need to​ spend more money running ads announcing your business so your potential clients know a​ new cleaning service is​ in​ town.
Once you​ set your budget,​ decide where to​ advertise. For a​ cleaning business it​ makes no sense and would be a​ waste of​ your money to​ advertise in​ a​ large magazine or​ buy a​ TV commercial that airs on​ a​ Saturday night. Besides being expensive,​ these ads will most likely not reach your target audience.
The common print ad,​ run in​ your local newspaper or​ shopper,​ is​ the​ most basic unit of​ advertising. Print ads have launched major companies and many successful products. Running ads in​ a​ local paper can also be a​ great way to​ promote your cleaning business if​ you​ follow a​ few basic rules.
Your ad should attract attention! Although this sounds obvious,​ unless your ad attracts attention you​ are throwing your money down the​ drain. the​ most compelling way to​ have a​ noticeable ad is​ to​ have an interesting and visually appealing headline. if​ you​ are designing a​ large ad,​ think of​ using a​ subhead. This will provide added information and can be longer than the​ headline.
Your ad should address the​ readers needs or​ announce news. Tell how your cleaning service will benefit your readers and if​ possible announce a​ new product or​ service such as​ announcing a​ new carpet cleaning system that makes your carpets cleaner and your office building healthier.
Your ad should communicate your companys unique selling proposition. or​ why should the​ potential customer pick your business to​ supply cleaning services rather than ABC Cleaning?
Your ad should tell why your cleaning company is​ the​ best in​ the​ area. the​ most convincing way to​ do this is​ through testimonials,​ statistics and awards.
Your ad should motivate your readers to​ take action. One way to​ achieve this is​ to​ include a​ special offer. Offers that work well are discounts and bonuses get your carpets cleaned and get a​ free bottle of​ spotting fluid.
One of​ the​ main reasons people dont read ads is​ that they do not have a​ great headline or​ a​ visual element that attracts readers. Headlines that work best are those that promise readers a​ benefit. Flip through a​ newspaper or​ magazine and notice the​ headlines that attract your attention Save on​ Closing Costs,​ Your Dreams Can Become Reality,​ Get More Miles to​ the​ Gallon. Advertising experts suggest using the​ following words to​ arouse interest New,​ Now,​ at​ Last,​ Warning,​ Introducing,​ Easy,​ Health,​ Save,​ Safety,​ Free,​ Money or​ Advice.
Although you​ may want to​ use your business name in​ your headline that is​ not recommended and is​ one of​ the​ common mistakes that small businesses make. Your business name does not have anything compelling to​ offer a​ potential customer. Remember,​ your headline should address the​ needs of​ your customers and not your ego.
Making your ad stand out can be challenge. Scan your local papers and take notice of​ what ads stand out are they ads with reverse white on​ dark background print,​ color ads,​ ads that look like they were hand drawn? People notice ads that have illustrations or​ photographs that show products or​ ads that have people in​ them.
Before advertising in​ any medium call and ask for a​ media kit. This kit will contain rate information as​ well as​ demographic information about the​ publication or​ radio station. the​ demographic information should include readers or​ listeners age,​ income,​ and other statistics that will indicate if​ this is​ a​ good medium to​ run your ads in​ to​ reach your target audience.
If you​ are a​ member of​ your local chamber there will be opportunities in​ chamber newsletters,​ member guides and perhaps even on​ their website. Local newspapers are good venues as​ most businesses either subscribe or​ read regularly so they can keep informed of​ whats going on​ in​ the​ local community.
Print advertising is​ one way to​ get your cleaning business name out in​ front of​ potential clients as​ well as​ reminding your current clients of​ the​ services you​ provide. Advertising is​ salesmanship and the​ more information you​ can give about your services,​ the​ more interest you​ will create. Always remember to​ include a​ call to​ action in​ your ad tell them how to​ buy your product or​ service! Also include as​ many ways as​ possible for the​ reader to​ contact you​ phone,​ email,​ website,​ and physical address. Running the​ right ads will get your phone ringing and your checkbook balance growing!
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